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GRATITUDE PRAYER to my physical body

GRATITUDE  PRAYER to my physical body

Our bodies are made of 70% water and our brains of 90% water.
We also know that EVERYthing is ENERGY, including our thoughts, feelings, actions, bodies as well as ALL MATTER and how EVERYTHING is connected.



Masaru Emoto’s scientific breakthrough research has proven how our thoughts, intents, desires and words physically reshape and restructure WATER MOLECULES.

Masaru Emoto water messages

And so, knowing this, as I’ve walked in a beautiful forest today, I felt inspired to create and dedicate this Gratitude Prayer to my physical body.
With the endless sources of toxicity and dis-ease we’ve unknowingly or knowingly subjected our bodies to, we can now pay our due reverence and gratitude to our physical bodies by invoking simple reconnecting healing thoughts, feelings and words which can physically repair and restructure our water bodies molecules.
Our planet’s body is 70% as well as ALL of her LIVING beings.
Every atom, particle and wave that make up the Universe and all beings are ELECTRO MAGNETIC in nature.
We are the CELLS of Mother Earth: plants, animals, humans
This prayer can be used and customized by anyone. It can also be used for your pets, animal and plants companions as well as for Mother Earth.

GRATITUDE  PRAYER to my physical body

My beloved friend and lifelong companion,

THANK YOU for taking such good care of me all this time
Despite me unknowingly or knowingly abusing you and neglecting your most basic needs
THANK YOU for your perpetual, Unconditional LOVE and CARE you have always showed and provided me with
Despite my limiting human ignorance of your genius magnificence
Thank you for making possible my physical experience
Despite me making life close to impossible for you, too very often
Thank you for being the most generous, nonjudgmental, humble, loving, accepting, forgiving HOST of my SOUL.
Thank you for sticking around long enough that I may someday will awaken and spiritually mature enough that I may come to realize your most amazing, intricate, intelligent, perfect original, DIVINE design.
Thank you for hanging in there by my side ever waking and sleeping moment, long enough that I may awaken and learn how to take truly good care of you back
Thank you beautiful HEART for constantly beating while I’m awake or asleep, for making my life pulse possible and for experiencing the most magnificent HUMAN and SPIRITUAL feelings of LOVE, BEAUTY and GRATITUDE for the entire Creation
Thank you for constantly, faithfully and tirelessly beating despite the enormous amounts of unnecessary emotional stress I’ve placed upon yourself.
Thank you beautiful lungs for filling this body with ongoing supply of life giving oxygen despite the many, destructive smoke abuses I have caused you in the past
Thank you beautiful kidneys and liver for keeping my life going by filtering tons of chemicals and extremely bad food all this time, both unwanted and ignorantly bombarding you with, on a daily basis, for so many years
Thank you beloved digestive system for your genius ability to digest even the most detrimental “foods” I have constantly abused you with, and for such a brilliant job you’ve always done on my behalf, whether I was aware or oblivious of…helping me to start a brand new day each day having a chance to do it right each time

Thank you incredible glands for representing my physical counterpart of my energy bodies CHAKRAS, connecting my physical and nonphysical selves.
Thank you brilliant brain for playing such pivotal instrument for my eternal mind to act and assist me into my physical experience…for helping me in perfect, Divine partnership with my heart to discern right from wrong
Thank you luminous eyes for enabling me to see this infinite beautiful world and all of her magic, as well as all her pain and sorrow which I now know how to heal and transmute
Thank you incredible ears for helping me to hear and enjoy some of the most magnificent sounds of nature and music, without which life could not have been possible
Thank you miraculous taste and touch senses and channels for helping me to taste the most incredible fruits and food bounties freely offered by our Mother Earth and for being able to experience Divine Love and Healing in human form
Thank you tireless legs for endlessly walking me throughout breathtaking natural scenery and for carrying this heavy vehicle at times without ever complaining or ever asking anything in return
Dearest beloved BODY, please FORGIVE ME for all of the known or unknown abuse I have ever caused you.
Thank you eternally for being a pivotal vehicle and rod for my soul, in ANCHORING HIGHER DIMENSIONAL ENERGIES into our planet.
Thank you from the depths and heights of my human heart and eternal soul for allowing me to experience LIFE in physicality and beyond, through YOU, without ever asking for anything in return.
In return, for the remainder of my physical life, I promise to take my best and most good care of you, providing you with much needed healing foods, lots of  time in nature, positive energy, clean air and water and some of the best feelings and thoughts I could possibly master and manifest.

The magical 4 words for reversing physical aging (to be repeated daily/often)
These 4 words can also be SPOKEN for the same effect
 Fan Lao Huan Tong

We can also heal our DNA with our minds and hearts
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