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2012 is the end of the OLD world

2012 is the end of the OLD world

2012 NOT the end of the world but the end of the OLD world

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DNA Activation (part 1)
" Likewise the fourth density is more "real" than the third density. From the perspective of the higher dimensions the third dimension is a projection or a dream created in the higher dimensions but the physical realm is important in "anchoring" the higher dimensions otherwise they would not be able to create. The third density is important in holding the whole of the holographic creation. Creators must establish third dimensional bodies in order to anchor their creations. In order to clean up the planet from the lesser plans of the self-willed ones the Great Ones must incarnate. That makes Earth very important."

DNA Activation Part 2

DNA Activation Part 3, Renewal 

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KESHE Foundation

KESHE Foundation

First PUBLIC, OFFICIAL invitation to world’s governments in accepting FOR FREE and development of 40 yrs old suppressed, mind-blowing, free energy,  anti gravitational PUBLIC and individual transportation, healing technologies and FOOD REPLICATOR Technologies

Keshe Foundation M.T. Keshe – Free Energy – Evoluon Eindhoven – 17 July 2012 | The Galactic Free Press

ALL world's governments are invited to receive for FREE the KESHE technologies and to develop/ OFFICIALLY implement them in their own countries
After the FIRST country  starts, the DOMINO is ON as all other nations will demand to also have their free energy, anti gravitational transportation, food replicators and healing technologies as well

·  The Keshe Foundation is an independent non-profit and non-religious organization founded by nuclear engineer M.T. Keshe that aims to develop new scientific knowledge, new technologies and new solutions to major global problems like famine, water shortage, lack of electrical power supply, climate change, and disease, through the use of specially developed plasma reactors which will also give Mankind the real freedom to travel in deep Space.

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·  ·  Extremely fast speeds that would allow for rapid travel through the solar system and beyond. A round trip to Mars, with a stop at the moon, would take a few days.
·  Deflector fields that can destroy tiny particles that could impact and destroy a vehicle traveling at high speed.
·  Friction removal, so there is no effect from environmental friction as the vehicle travels through the atmosphere.
·  Inertial damping so that the occupants of a craft would not feel accelerations.
·  Force fields that can block space radiation.
·  Artificial gravity so that the occupants would be able to live and work just like they do on Earth, without having to worry about the effect of weightlessness on their body.
·  Invisibility or cloaking technology.
·  Replicators or the ability to turn energy into food and water.
·  Healing technology to address injuries or sickness that might arise.

Keshe Foundation Promo Intro Video – 30 August 2012

Keshe Foundation - 2nd Sept '12 Live interview with Pesn Allan Sterling

Through the systems we have developed every nation can have access to as much energy, water and food as they need, as well as to new methods of health care and of transport, all at very little cost.

KESHE 3 books download link

Keshe: Italy the latest nation joining the Space Program

(dd. 05/2011 - 11/2011)
  • A 79 years old man with Parkinson disease for over 20 years.
  • He couldn't smell, taste, talk and walk anymore for nearly 15 years.
  • After using our technology for 6 months with the plasma systems, the man starts to smell, taste, talk and walk again.
  • The present video shows his walking after 15 years after beginning to use our technology.

The Space Ship Program (SSP) will protect earth and will give man the freedom to travel in Space and to have new settlements on the Moon, on Mars or in deep space.
The building of Magravs (Magnetic Gravitational fields) space ships, related plasma reactor systems, health systems and habitation systems will bring a new plasma industry, create new jobs and will bring prosperity (water, food, health, power, residence) for ALL.

Sale of Keshe Foundation 3-4 KW and 10 KW Plasma Power Generators


Your money is well used:
The Keshe Foundation has clear rules of conduct

A maximum of 5% of the Foundation’s income will be spend on administration and expenses and the balance (95%) will be divided into five equal parts:
19% for further reseach and development
19% for funding education worldwide
19% for direct support to the needy
19% for world peace and the environment
19% for world religious studies and unification
The Foundation’s bookkeeping and accounts will be available for inspection.

Free energy and cures for diseases? NO THANKS! We are not interested. Not right now but THANKS! 

Fondazione Keshe-Scienza-Incredibile scoperta che cambierà l'umanità PER SEMPRE!!

 US on board

excerpt from a forum thread:

Dear forum watchers

In the world of diplomacy there are no kiss and tells.

Thus we will not report what has happened in the meeting of the 6.9.2012.

The immediate outcome of the meeting and in its process of development, we confirm the establishment of the African spaceship program (ASSP).

This meaning the African nations in the coming year become part of space program and by-passing the propulsion era as this technology has no room in the real working of the motion in the universe and it is a manmade technology and is not needed.

The preliminary talks for this organisation has taken place and soon we will report the nation we have chosen as the centre for this organisation.

We have suggested and understood soon to be agreed the establishment of the South American spaceship program SASSP too.

Therefore the two continents which have not had a chance to be part of the space program in the past, now in one leap super-pass the NASA in space technology, if no problems are created by other organisations.

This is what we can report from this process of meeting and in run-up and subsequent discussions with nations which are accommodating the initial creation of these organisations.

The third international peace program is set to be for December of this year or January of next year.

In this process we invite the nationals of countries to chose their own delegation of maximum three persons to be sent to this meeting.

In this meeting we will handover the full technology to the people of the world without the presence of their governments representative, as they were informed what is to come and is for them to organise their affaires in the next three month.

Meanwhile the process of the teaching will go ahead as planed and soon you should be able to produce the first small systems for energy production of a few watts on your own.

We invite those whom have contacted us or have achieved the production of energy to start the video making of their process, that in time we will invite them to bring along and show how it is done in their way.

From today it is an open game of transfer of the Keshe Foundation technologies to you the people of this planet.

Please raise awareness of the first teaching programs on the mass media and social networks as no one should be left in darkness of light and universal knowledge.

M T Keshe
The founder and present caretaker of the Keshe Foundation

Keep the connection with yours and other embassies on going.

We have achieved a lot through this friendly approach that not only the citizens of their nation wanting the technology, but as other world citizens are part of the same nation too and they care to know what each country is doing for all nations and world citizens and vice-versa.

This is unifying the mankind irrespective of national boundaries.

This is the ultimate goal of the Foundation, the unification of the human race in achieving everlasting peace and through it maturity of the race as the whole.

For example when you are German and ask the Italian embassy about the stick and you make sure they understand that you are caring for the mankind and not your nation only, and then they become part of your nation caring for you too.

Please keep contact with media and inform them of progress and your local leaders too.

In respect to your question what embassies have to do?

People have to understand the process of diplomacy first.

Protocol is the same for all nations more or less about physical transfer of the USB stick.

Once we handover the stick, the embassy has to do a report which normally takes days.

Then as this is an official handover of intellectual rights, the embassy has to organize with the foreign office of the nation for arranging for the time of passage of the key through diplomatic baggies and then the stick finally reaches your nation in about sometimes after 2 to 3 weeks.

Then the foreign office starts the validation and the rest. Then this can take more time before you see anything.

You all need to keep in touch with all embassies and governments and be correct and polite with them at all time.

This is not the time to force, but you let them know you are there to know and support.

You let them know, this time it is not me, but us as a family we do it together.

Government should feel safe to do their job and nationals have to wait that due-diligence is done correctly.

This Foundation is here to change the fabric of the society in a civilized manner through correct conduct and not arrogance.

We have reached maturity of time and we all have to work with respect and peace, this is the insignia of the Foundation and will stay this way.

Pray for your leaders that they not only accept the information but bring peace through it for the human race.

Collectively in action and devotion and transfer of our correct mind thoughts to the leaders of all nations, we achieve more in a shorter time than accusations and insults.

With devotion and pray we add our energy to theirs, with accusation and insults we not only take away but then what has taken away needs time to rebuild too first, so this takes double the time and energy.

I pray for every leader of the world as friends that they receive my gift as message of peace and we have seen how the most powerful leaders of the world through their soul respond to our call for world knowledge and peace.

Man has two points of interaction, the physical body and the soul of the man, with prayer we enter and give freely and unconditionally and with the recipient in accepting it in soul level the gift from our soul, then this will change the behavior of the physicality of the man.

Time of conflict is over, but the education and understanding of the operation of the soul and the body has just begun.

Pray for your leaders through their souls and then they will see the light.

In my 21.9.2012 lecture of Ninove I explained this as twinnity, the physical body is one part of the twin system and the soul is the other part, and one cannot operate without the other, otherwise intelligence and life does not exist.

Transfer your good thoughts and part of your soul, if you have understood by now how to do it in my writings to your leaders, and in turn they will respond correctly as by receiving your prayers now they possess part of your correct essence of your inner being.

Work though world ambassadors and they are your point of reference at this moment.

I pray for all of you and your leaders that in a short time we all see peace on Earth though not exhaustion of fighting each other for centuries, but the maturity of science and man’s ability to comprehend what has been given to man of time in this USB stick.

There is enough knowledge transfer to your nations in this physical USB stick to take man to all levels of creation, if the reader has the intelligence of looking beyond the physicality of his own existence.

In this physical key we have given the knowledge from the beginning to the end of time, it is for the man to understand and comprehend the truth from what it is given to him as a gift and use it for elevating his physical and soul level to newer heights.

Blessed are the souls of the leaders and the men who received the message in its entirety.

M T Keshe


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