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For old timers and new comers alike, to this information:
this page contains a large body of info explaining what's going on in our world behind closed doors and the veil.

Time is running short, in a big way!

While there isn't much left to dig and understand all that is shared on this page, it is urgent and highly recomended that you help yourself and your family/friends/neighbors through these announcements:

Note: Our governments have been doing things that are now coming to an end and being exposed all around the world.

Google (VIDEOS): "NWO" (New World Order), "DEPOPULATION AGENDA", "ILLUMINATI", "SKULL and BONES", "9/11 was an inside job", "FALSE FLAG OPERATIONS".

Legal actions are being taken against the financial banksters and government officials who have been doing a large amount of destruction to our planet and its people. Very very soon, ALL national, main stream media outlets all around the world will broadcast 24/7 the shocking announcements.

Prepare for a huge wave of POSITIVE things to be unraveled but before that, a massive CLEANSE will take plave in financial, economical and political systems. Our debts will be wiped out. Mortgages, loans, etc. ICELAND is already mortgage free. In this page, you will learn it all.

NEW monetary system, backed by precious metals will be shortly introduced. This action has been going on since 1978, in replacing an old system with the new one. Information has been deliberately supressed until now. The world revolution is in full progress as we speak .

Prepare for enormous changes in ever area of our lives. These are the good, positive military and officials taking control. Wars, disease, poverty will be erased this year. ALL banks around the world will go down to ZERO in their systems. Our credit cards, debit cards will not work ever again.

CASH AT HAND is necessary for the time being. Major services should not be interrupted but just in case, expect 2 weeks at most with some possible interruptions. ALMOST nobody will work except the food people, hospitals, services and gas stations maybe.  

When the banks come back, the new monetary system will already be in place. In Europe, as you'll read below, in some cities, people complain that they can't access their accounts and when they do, it shows ZERO $$ plus some others didn't get their wages.

The massive changes will NOT be announced through MAIN STREAM MEDIA until AFTER the changes will be made BECAUSE IT IS CONTROLLED BY THE POWERS TO HAVE BEEN and prohibit these announcements for now, unfortunately. Very important to read the SUBJECT TITLES of the links below plus the small TEXT paragpaphs to get a headstart in what we are IN for and as you have time, to listen to ANY DRAKE interview below (under "WHO IS DRAKE" link). Highly important to also read the link called "NESARA".

As vital, it is the link:
We R not ALone (backing up DRAKE’S latest interview announcements)Meanwhile, since we don't have much time left:
 EURO is collapsing and the dollar is next
Be sure to have an extra emergency cash amount of $1,000 or more set aside for groceries and minimum necessities while the transition takes place
Plus share this info far and wide

Another good idea is to stock up on 2 weeks worth of minimum necessities and some gas, JUST IN CASE! NON PERISHABLE, STORABLE HUMAN/BABY FOOD, PET FOOD, HYGIENIC ITEMS, TOILLETTE PAPER, DRINKING WATER, FULL GAS TANK PLUS EXTRA LARGE CAN and whatever you consider necessity.
Plus share this info far and wide

Most importantly: DON’T BE AFRAID. These are unimaginably EXCITING TIMES. Remain in your HEART center and expect the greatest spectacle of our lives on this planet! New and old SUPRESSED, shocking, FREE ENERGY technologies and much more will be released so we can stop the abuse of our planet and her animals and ecosystems! NEW communication devices without the electro smog and the end of the dark era is coming to an end, at last!  


DRAKE important message SUNDAY Jun 24

To get a bird’s eye overview, on the shocking things unfolding in our world and completely ignored (for now) by the MSMedia, please scroll down first and read each link’s subject title

Note: EURO is collapsing and the dollar is next
Be sure to have an extra emergency cash amount of $1,000 set aside for groceries and minimum necessities while the transition takes place
Plus share this info far and wide

Another good idea is to stock up on 2 weeks worth of minimum necessities and some gas, JUST IN CASE!
Plus share this info far and wide

Bank Holidays Begin in France? Banque Postal Stops Wires & Cash Transactions Friday

The Euro Has [Unofficially] Collapsed. . . NOTE: This is NOT the final red screen, June 14, 2012

EU breakup imminent: Talk of limiting ATM withdrawals, halting flow of money across borders

We R not ALone (backing up DRAKE’S latest interview announcements)

Drake "Vital" Updates - June 17, 2012 by Global Voice Radio Network...(LATEST announcement)
News Article by LadyDragon… “Drake disclosed and confirmed that aliens are among us”
Plus he went in details about the existence of good and bad aliens that are among us.
LadyDragon also spoke and confirmed that Pleiadians are here to help us now according to Cobra

The CLIP that Drake is referring to


PAST interviews

Transcript of The Plan Interview

NESARA – A Good Description (Humanity’s FREEDOM key program)

FCM2012.COM - Free Canada Movement 2012

Cobra: Green Light Update – ” Not Yet” – June 30, 2012

The Fascinating Process of Self Liberation under Common Law  -->
Here's some action for you!`
Barclay News-->

Lawsuits against Soros and Trump-->

Federal Reserve in trouble and chaos-->

I am a light worker ~ Part 4 ~ It is up to me

All systems are go and our eyes are wide open, sort of like a deer caught in headlights. What happens now?  Sitting in my backyard, surrounded by summer flowers and stifling temperatures, not much; things look just about the same.  This is what has been counted on, make no mistake.

Those that are holding the strings have us lulled into complacency.  They are “banking on” (pun intended) our desire for comfort and sameness, no waves or disruptions.  Fear keeps us separate, following orders, nodding “yes”, obediently quiet and paying them.  We did not come to be subservient.  We came to serve.  We are light workers.  We work for the light.  Humanity is at this moment in need of our service.

The state of our world is where it is because we have been acting as if someone else is in charge.  We were taught to conform.  We were educated to all give the same answer.  This is not a multiple choice test, where the authorities hold the one correct response.  We are writing our own answers now and it’s an open book test.  No one is going to give you the only possible answers; you have to find them yourself.  For the rest of this year the knowledge is readily available, the book is wide open.
 Here’s our challenge.  We’ve been in a world that has enslaved us and convinced us we need others to guide us, lead us, and charge us for the pleasure.  Our lights have been dimmed with obligation and fear.  We have forgotten our brilliance.  It has taken many, many lifetimes to do this.  These beings have done their part in a master plan for our collective awakening.

Wes Annac – Misconceptions Of The Galactic Federation: Part 1/3 – 28 June 2012

Orbs filmed creating crop circle symbol!!

Steve Beckow ~ Mass Arrests Will Be Happening Around The World, Not Just In The US ~ 29 June 2012

Military Movement in My Area- Maryland

PUBLIC NOTICE A $700,000,000,000.00, (Seven PUBLIC NOTICE) - The Washington Post

20 more banks were rigging interest rates: British bankers now facing criminal inquiry over scandal that was kept secret for years

History has been made: Attorney General Eric Holder held in contempt! (CNN Breaking News)

A new nightmare on Wall Street? U.S. banks face criminal probe into global interest rate-fixing scheme as Barclays blows the whistle on America's financial giants

Barclays: Cameron says bank faces 'serious questions'

Current Update: Liens Filed Against the Federal Reserve Bank

U.S. Military Moving into Multiple Cities
GFP: If you're able to let go some of the truly weird comments in this video and simply focus on the bigger message... 

Stephen Cook – The Five Big Banks Draft Plans For Going Out Of Business

E.T Contact Human Evolution has begun.

Bankia Valued At Eur -13.635 Billion; Spain Becomes Sole Owner, Shareholders Totally Wiped Out; Entire Bankia Board Resigns

BBC News – More Banks Face Interest Rate Rigging Investigation

2012-06-27 Green Light Mass Arrests Will Now Commence by Greg Giles

GREENLIGHT! Arrests have begun!
Message from Military

1.  The Cavalry is coming!
2.  Stand by, if we need you, we will call you.
3.  Sit back and watch the fireworks

Food and Supplies
Gas Tank Full
Cash from the bank
International Travel Shut Down

Five Central Banks
Preparing to close!

The 3 hrs vital info interview of Jun 27 2012

alternative link for the same interview
2012-06-27 Drake GREEN LIGHT for Mass Arrests – YouTube

 This is a very inspiring and exciting call.
In overtime, we get insight into Drake's personal spiritual knowledge and his knowledge of
Disclosure and Ascension.

Pentagon and military insider Drake has announced, tonight 6/27/12 at approximately 8:30PM, that the long anticipated green light has been given and the military and law enforcement alliance known to the people as the 'Earth Allies' will now move in within a time frame of 72 hours to begin the world wide sweep and mass arrests of thousands of members and associates of the criminal organization known as the 'cabal'. For those unfamiliar with this action, these arrests will free, once and for all, all of humanity from their dark captures who have conspired to bankrupt, sicken and finally imprison every human being on the planet.
 All citizens are advised to pick up a week or so worth of food, water and all necessary provisions as some store closures and utility outages are possible. All citizens are also advised to withdraw from their financial institutions enough cash to last at least a week, and preferably up to three weeks, as certain banks are expected to close their doors, rendering credit and debit cards useless for at least a certain period of time. All citizens are advised to remain calm and within a centered emotional state. All citizens are strongly urged not to riot or engage in any violent actions of any kind.
 Military units and law enforcement personnel will be witnessed making these arrests throughout the United States as well as in some other parts of the world, and all are advised to understand that these men and women are working in service to their brothers and sisters, to freedom, to constitutional government and to love. These military and law enforcement units are not moving in to arrest the citizens of their respective countries as some media outlets may erroneously report in the early stages of this far ranging operation. These units are engaging in the arrests of the members of the criminal cabal and their many associates, that is all.  
 All are advised to stock their homes with the basic necessities and also advise as many family members and friends what to expect and what these arrests will mean to the people of this world who have suffered too long under the oppression of these criminals and their dark agenda of power and control. This day has been a long time coming, and all are advised to celebrate as these arrests are televised world wide as a signal to our brethren that this is not more of the same bad news we have been programed to believe is the only form of news. This is a time to celebrate, and the celebrations will continue through the July 4th holiday, which will be a true celebration of independence for the people of the U.S. and all the people of our world. 

We are One!


JUNE 2012  AGN GALACTIC REPORT  (massive related info)

2012-06-25 Cobra Uranus Square Pluto - Archons Activity

The Light Agenda: Suzy Ward ~ June 20, 2012 ~ Transcript

Preparing for the Mass Arrests

DRAKE important message SUNDAY Jun 24

Is there — and is this — a legal maneuver that could to liberate the planet from the cabal’s tightly woven web??
Arend Lammertink, MSc., in The Netherlands, thinks so. And his research seems to dovetail with what Drake and Fulford and others are saying. What really fascinates me is Lammertink’s claim that virtually all nations “are run as defacto corporations under the jurisdiction of the Vatican”! And that under a separate legal filing of “Common Law,” we can set up another legal jurisdiction separate from the Vatican, declare all our debts null and void and leave the Vatican holding the bag . . .
Too good to be true? Once again, if it’s science fiction, it’s brilliant, and if it’s real, as Bill Hicks reminds us, even so, “it’s just a ride.” 

Debt contagion risks rising in Argentina: residents withdrew $522 million dollars from bank accounts last week

MILLIONS in the streets of MEXICO censored

Drake's Vital Weekend Update ~ Sunday

39. We recognize that the planet Earth and its ecosystems are our home and that Mother Earth
is a common expression in a number of countries and regions and we note that some countries
recognize the rights of nature in the context of the promotion of sustainable development. We
are convinced that in order to achieve a just balance among the economic, social and
environment needs of present and future generations, it is necessary to promote harmony with
40. We call for holistic and integrated approaches to sustainable development which will
guide humanity to live in harmony with nature and lead to efforts to restore the health and
integrity of the Earth's ecosystem.

The latest: A COMMENT FROM Lara Starr (on facebook)
Somethings up with the Banks in England today. Almost everyone I know didn't get their wages today. Plus, every time they check their bank accounts online, it says they have 0.00 in their account. Weird… I wonder whats goin on!
OTHERS’ comments on her page under her status:
This isnt just one bank either mind you. So far Ive heard its messin with RBS and Natwest. Im not sure about others..

Happened to Natwest yesterday, Lara. I didn't get paid until the evening

My Mother in law has Natwest. She was supposed to get paid yesterday. She's been sitting at the bank since 9am and she's still there waiting.

i should have got paid yesterday, i didnt, my wages have been sent but they arnt in my bank! i also have other accounts with natwest which i put money in each week, theu have taken that money and not put it in my other accounts! robbing bastards! cant pay my rent now

My Mother in law waited 2 1/2 hours at Natwest only to be told that 'there is nothing they can do to fix the problem'. She was told the earliest she can expect to get paid is Monday.

Sounds pretty unsurprising. My mother said its happening in Ireland too.
Swiss Bankers drop holiday plans for fear of arrests

Freedom Project: John Ward – Breaking : German Supreme Court Rules Against Merkel On ESM. Will She Now Recognise The Rule Of Law?

Freedom Project~ BBC News ~ Paragay’s President Fernando Lugo Faces Impeachment ~ 21 June 2012

Irish Politicians Demand Their Finance Minister Be Arrested For Attending 2012 Criminal Bilderberg Meeting

Greeks line up for free food as turmoil in country mounts

Illuminati 'Kingpin' Shoots Himself Before Being Taken To Prison; Have The NWO Mass Arrests Begun In Earnest?
NICOSIA, Cyprus — Former Prime Minister Adrian Nastase of Romania shot and wounded himself on Wednesday, apparently in a suicide attempt, hours after the country’s Supreme Court ruled he must serve a two-year sentence for corruption.

WARNING TO ALL AMERICANS: The U.S. is predicted to follow the European Bank Holiday around 2 weeks later! Many Economists advise to get the bulk of your assets out of electronic banking including Roths and IRAs as soon as possible.   Temporarily ending all electronic money, unplugging all bank and financial institution computers reverting temporarily to cash and carry until the system can be safely rebooted. This is the worst case scenario for financial system collapse. It will mean considerable, temporary, hardship but not mass starvation. In any case once the corporate government of the US is put out of business, the Renminbi will become the currency of the world. The date given by two insiders for this event is September 16th. We again remind readers that many dates have come and gone without predictions turning true so please remain skeptical and only believe 100% when you actually see it happen.

Cobra 6-21-12…”Operation Stardust 2… “The Plan of the Mass Arrests Continues

Cobra~Operation Stardust 2
You might want to listen to the excellent last Drake’s interview, especially from 18 to 86 minute mark:

Transcript of Lisa Harrison's interview with Cobra, June 20th.

A Summary of Drake’s Latest Update ‘Arrests, Extraterrestrials, Sea Levels & Prosperity Funds’
Pentagon and military insider Drake has released his latest update of the goings-on behind the scenes in regards to the mass arrests of many members of the criminal organization referred to as the cabal. Drake’s presentation was approximately 3 hours in length and as such, I will take this opportunity to very briefly summarize some of the points that I feel you may find of interest.  

Drake stated that the extraterrestrial presence is indeed real and they are indeed here in our world at this time and are taking an active role in the arrests of the members of the criminal cabal. One of the more interesting statements by Drake was that the extraterrestrials have issued a deadline for the arrests of the members of the criminal cabal and that deadline is June 21, 2012. Beyond that date, Drake claims the extraterrestrials have stated that they will begin to make these arrests themselves.

Drake further states that one of the plans of the extraterrestrials is to use their technologies to identify negative beings within the human population and take them into custody, separating them into two groups; one group that can be rehabilitated and one group that cannot be successfully rehabilitated. Drake asserts that the extraterrestrials stated that they will take the negative beings who cannot be rehabilitated and deposit them into the central sun of this universe, effectively recycling their energy and returning it back to Creator. (This procedure has been described by Neil Donald Walsh in his 'Conversations with God' book series. )

Well, time is short and soon the real, direct messages will be on our living room TV's.  :-)

And now, for the good news!

*  Drake's Letter to the Military asked that the public follow up with phone calls to the Pentagon.  They reached the point that the Pentagon said "We can't do our work; too many phone calls."  So Drake told everyone it was time to stop.  Anyway, we got our answer...

*  Drake knows a "preacher in the woods" who knows an Intelligence Major in the Pentagon.  The Pastor called his military friend a week or so ago, but "nothing to report."  Then yesterday, when he pressed him, the Intelligence Officer said, " We're ready to do the factions.  You're not crazy... keep listening to Drake.  You will see some crazy things that will be happening."  The pastor asked about time frame... "2 weeks?"  -- "No, it won't be two weeks."

*  "Greenlight" --  This will be a notice to Drake.  72 hours notice.  This is when the sweeps begin; Sweep 1 and Sweep 2 of the cabal.

Also, the military can be knocking on our doors.  Be nice; they are the good guys. Probably an officer and an escort.  They will be looking for "tactical contacts" to help the military.  Will have Permission Letter to authorize you 72 hours before.

*  Information will be on six different mainstream media.  Drake will be on it.  Greenlight will be the military and us, together.  Peaceful; no guns.  Drake mentions Iceland and Southeast Asia, now.  Also, strategic countries have sided with us.

*  New governmental structure.  Government structure will change; cut all ties with corporate government.   First Project: Notification.  This was when many states declared their sovereignty. 

*  First Contact - Pleiadians because they look like us and will be more accepted.  New government - "Commanders" - "Star Gate" (examples). Some will be Ambassadors between "ET's and us."

* More talk:  "...impending event within two weeks." --  "In the next few days we will see extraordinary events."

*  Law -  NESARA   (Yes, the trusted military does have copies of NESARA in the Pentagon .  "They're done - unconditional surrender."

*  Tomorrow (Thursday, June 21) Drake presents cabal with their last option:  "Surrender.  Present yourself to a military base, local sheriff, or local militia.  Your families will be protected. - No surrender?  Can't protect!"

*  Law goes from Maritime to Common Law. - Restructure of our government - voting - everyone must contribute to get things back in order.  Work for all of us to do. We will have the technology to clean up our mess - industry - farming - our oceans that became a dumping ground!  A lot of jobs!  "It will benefit the whole of the Galactic Community."

*  Drake is working with the principals of freeing up the collateral accounts.   

Cobra 6-21-12…”Operation Stardust 2… “The Plan of the Mass Arrests Continues” (and a related 6-20-12 post)

~ Drake's Mid-Week Update ~ Beginning at 7pm Eastern~ Below is the Show Link

All she now asks of you is that you do your part to clean up the mess you have left the Earth in and she will do the rest. As you know Dear Ones, we of the Galactic Federation of Light are going to use our technology to make short work of clearing pollution, including areas contaminated with radioactive waste and fallout. You can help by restoring the balance between you and nature, and all other life forms. They have suffered tremendously due to successive generations that have used them for their own profit and greed to make money.
I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and trust that we have uplifted your hearts and minds. As always we send you our love and best wishes.

Slow, but painful death for Monsanto 

COBRA on Gold and it's significance in human history

Quanta and Quarks


Message from the Galactic Federation of Light 6/18/12 ‘The Ark of Noah & 2012’

The Gnostics described the Archons in detail.

As long as one believes countries are run by governments and the world is controlled by Jews, Arabs, Eskimos or any other faction, group, clan, secret organization, sect etc., that are themselves manipulated into believing it, one is deluded and misinformed and failed to dig deeper. Ignorance is bliss, but sooner or later it exacts a dear price, dear.

Suzy Ward on InLight radio 6/20

Stay grounded into the Earth each day as she will support you as the metamorphosis within you continues to take place. Drink copious amounts of fresh, clean water to help facilitate the movements of the new energies coming through you and be outdoors as much as possible. Practice deep breathing exercises each day to help move the new pranic energies into your cells. Allow the expression of all that comes through you and observe what comes forth. You are reconnecting to skills, abilities and talents that have lain dormant for a long time.  You are reaching very pure strides along your individual and collective processes and the Earth Herself is ready to be rid of all of the densities that are still fed on a daily basis upon Her surface.
Dear Mother Gaia wishes to see the burning and destroying of body complexes of any kind come to an end, as humanity cannot Live in Peace with the animal and plant kingdoms if the mindset of humans being ‘bigger’ and deserving of using the complexes of such souls for any reasons needed, is fed and [this mindset] is to be coming to an end in place of a respectful understanding of the sacrifices that the animal and plant kingdoms have given.

We must say that only in the lower dimensional structure and matrix, were any creatures of any world meant to be feeding off of each other.

In the higher realms, all is harmonious and sustenance is not needed, and humans were indeed never meant to consume animals but rather plants, as every soul who incarnates upon your world as a plant knows the sacrifices that they will be making as many plant-souls incarnate as specific plants that will be used for the benefit of a human Earth soul, but the respect that is deserved for these souls is not felt by the majority of humanity and this, dear souls, is what we and Gaia alike wish to see come to an end.
Indeed, plants knew that they would be utilized for the benefit of those who are experiencing a different and more able state of consciousness on any given lower dimensional planet that such plants would be on, and on the majority of other lower dimensional planets, even the souls upon such worlds experiencing limited states of consciousness can still learn quite easily to respect and Love the plant-souls whom are giving their structure to such souls.

As your planet and your bodies alike increase in frequency and purity along your continually expanding and excelling evolution processes, you as well will no longer find a need to utilize plants or animals or physical things of any kind, for any aspect of gaining nourishment or sustenance as you will find yourselves completely capable of gaining any type of nutrition or sustenance that you may feel you would need.

 Message from the Galactic Federation of Light 6/23/12
‘Ghosts, Ghouls & Goblins’

Our NEW media

Dancing Unites! Watch if You Want to Smile! 

DC city council chairman hit with new criminal charges over bank fraud

NDAA Found Unconstitiutional By Federal Judge

Greeks pull $1 billion out of banks and stock up on food prior to destiny-shifting election

Bank Runs And Money Flowing Out – 15 June 2012

It would mean temporarily ending all electronic money, unplugging all bank and financial institution computers and reverting temporarily to cash and carry until the system can be safely rebooted. This is the worst case scenario for financial system collapse. It will mean considerable, temporary, hardship but not mass starvation
The White Dragon Society believes that from now on humans will only need one commandment: “do unto others (including non-human others) as you would have others do unto you.”

Vatican is falling... ready to Hold the Light Lightworkers?

FREEDOM PROJECT: RT: Former ‘God’s Banker’ could blitz Vatican with cache of secret documents

FREEDOM PROJECT: Punts & Clones: Fed up with Euro, Irish town cashes in old currency

The Cabal is Negotiating its Surrender - Ben Fulford

Message from the Galactic Federation of Light 6/8/12 ‘Project Participation Survey’

FREEDOM PROJECT: DAVID WILCOCK ~ Mass Arrests / Divine Intervention: New Briefings (Finally!)...

Drake’s Insider Information into the Coming Changes | The Galactic Free Press


2012-06-06 Drake simulcast on Global Voice Radio Network & Truth Finders Network – YouTube

Drake’s Proposal for You to Vote On, Simplified



 We NEED to get rid of these power-hungry few, and replace them with candidates that are truthful and REPRESENT THE PEOPLE. People who want to make a change for our global community. TOGETHER. With NO ego-based, greed system, but a system that works for ALL OF MANKIND !! And, YOU count, you are powerful, the amount of energy you hold is vital for making change.

Begin in your local community, talk to the cashier, the florist, neighbor, friends, family, at the bus-stop, waiting lines… anywhere, interact with each-other.. spread the awareness.. but in a peaceful way.. make people conscious about whats going on, and what you can do. Form an idea together. Take action. Time to sit around on your ass is over. GET involved.

Spread this video to everyone you know.

Blogs, forums, facebook, twitter, anywhere... time to stop the fear, doubt, victimization, and compartmentalization... the separation, the ego… get together.

If you are a lawyer, scientist, engineer, CEO, politician, doctor, any form of a public figure, or just the common guy that knows TRUTH, and have kept your mouth shut for a long time, speak out, stand in truth, be balanced, responsible, mature, and step forward. NOW is the time. Back each other up. Do NOT let insecurity, doubt, fear, or whatever it is keep you down. Be courageous, take a stand, be a leader for the better of all mankind. By understanding, loving, and knowing what's right for humans and all life on earth. People will support YOU, they will come when you least expect it. YOU ARE NEVER ALONE !! KNOW THIS !!

Much LOVE to you all !!

Five Million Brazilian Farmers Take on Monsanto and Win $2 Billion

Consider this, 22$ mill. in cash returned to taxpayers directly over one weekend, yet another 300$ trillions [yes, trillions I said... this is one with 12 zeros behind… ]  Already with fully executed  judgments against all the 12 Central Banks in US, Federal Reserve of US [which is actually an International corporate entity, that will be dissolved in to nothingness…]

The way I see this most beautiful and wondrous events on our Planet unfolding perfectly… so perfectly that I feel God has some of his fingers in this plan… or maybe all of his fingers…
Can you imagine, or better, please just imagine the awe on the faces and in the hearts of We the People when truth comes with greatest genuine gifts of new banking system, including debt forgiveness, prosperity funds [and here I feel individual citizen, including children… but not pets for now… will be granted one time amount sufficient to live comfortably for next 200 years with no day of work…]

Our ED’s (Extra Dimensional) ALLIES (or POSITIVE, BENEVOLENT ETs)
We R not Alone 


Linda Dillon: What’s It Like to Live on a Spaceship? – Part ½

Linda Dillon: What’s It Like to Live on a Spaceship? – Part 2/2

Blue Star UFO Report 06-10-12 More News and Mass sightings

Message from the Galactic Federation of Light 6/9/12 ‘Gift of Youth’
What would sheer vitality, youth, meaning and purpose mean to you and your life? What would these gifts do for you, and how would they change the way you live and go about your day? This is a question you are being asked at this time, as this is a very appropriate question for you to think about as these are some of the gifts that are being offered you. We would like to see more of you think about these things and focus upon them, making them a reality for you, for this is how it works and all these things are possible for you. What we see for you is an entirely new way of life where so many of the problems and limitations that you currently experience will be lifted from your lives, and as a result would leave many of you a much clearer and pleasant path on which to travel.

One of the things we, the Galactic Federation of Light, can do for you in these areas, through the gift of advanced technologies, is help you restore your youthful appearance and vitality, strength and endurance, health, drive, determination and focus. These are some of the attributes of a younger physical being, and in many cases not an older or aging physical being. We have the technologies to change all that by erasing many years of your lives while, of course, retaining all your experiences, knowledge and wisdom that you have acquired. This is a wonderful gift that we offer you in the days ahead, and it is entirely your choice whether you choose to accept these gifts from us or not.

 (((WOW))) UFO FLEET over Mose Hood Park in Lubbock, Texas June 06, 2012

UFO over Middle East: Thousands spot strange light in sky

All that you have hoped for and promised is ready on the assembly line”

It is imperative now to favor high-vibrational, untainted, pure fruits and vegetables and to flow through your day with awareness, yet with as little constriction and restriction and resistance as possible
If you try EVERYTHING, and still can't see the Light...

Our INNER Earth families
Traveller to the Inner Earth ~ Colonel Bill Faye Woodard

OMG!! Our Inner Earth landscape OCEANS, BEACHES – MIKOS

Billie Woodard Hollow Earth Proof Live from Hollow Earth ASCENSION 2012 5th DIMENSION

Agarthans, Humanity's Mentors 

Magatha from Agartha ~~ Our Transformation purpose ~~ 04/06/2012 by GLR Méline Lafont


Mathew's Message for June 3, 2012 Profound revelations and changes will be rushing in~

Melchizedek ~~Your Dimensional World and your Transformation

Many are choosing to leave at this time. Do not mourn them, but wish them well in their journey back home, for each and every one of you has been given the choice of staying or leaving for the dimensional shift. You know there is no death, no reason to sink into fear and sadness for those choosing to leave for they are simply moving to another place. Those on the other side can always hear you. Send them love and light, but do not consistently engage them, for that serves to hold them in bondage to the earth and the energy they have chosen to leave. It holds them back from proceeding with their own journey.

JUNE 2012 Astro-Numerology Forecast - Radical New Reality


Means that we are all "ONE" on this planet
Means that we are in fact a "COLLECTIVE" of souls living on this planet.
Means that anything each of us does individually affects the WHOLE of all of us living on the planet.
Means that our individual thoughts that are NEGATIVE will affect the whole negatively, while
our individual thoughts that are POSITIVE and UPLIFTING will affect the whole positively.
Means that our individual words that are NEGATIVE will affect the whole negatively, while our individual words that are POSITIVE and uplifting will affect the whole positively.
Means that our individual ACTIONS that are NEGATIVE will affect the whole negatively, while individual actions which are POSITIVE will affect the whole positively.

Thoughts..., words..., actions..., done individually will affect the whole!



Montague Keen – 3 June 2012








Mother Earth and Father Sun Meditation for 6~8~2012

A Message from Saint Germain: "The OM WAVE ~ Activation of the ONE" | The Galactic Free Press

Our Galactic Family Of Light Guardian Races Life Review 6 June 2012 | The Galactic Free Press

The Dolphin Collective ~~ The Energetic Lightworld and your world are coming together ~~ 11/06/2012 by GLR Méline Lafont

~Healing With Crystals~

We guide that the foodstuffs that are consumed and the fluid that is consumed may now start to be shown for the distortion that they are in TRUTH. As the changes begin to form within you and around you it is vital that you find balance to enable these changes to flow. Holding on stubbornly will cause a fluctuation in energy signature and give rise to many symptoms that may be described as unpleasant. 
We guide strongly and firmly that the old energies of the 3D earth are no longer supported by the energies of the new earth.

It is also very important to keep every thought focused on that which you want to become manifest in your personal world and upon your Planet. In this way, the Universe returns to you that which you give out and the Universe is totally impartial in its giving you all of that which is in resonance with your dominant thoughts. Discipline your minds, Dear Ones, for you are powerful Creators and you bring into creation what you dwell upon.
If you are feeling disheartened and tired with all the cleansing and releasing that you have been experiencing, find a substitute for your daily disciplines such as high frequency, harmonious music to help keep your energy levels high as you plod your way through the cleansing process.

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