Wednesday, 18 January 2012

2012 and BEYOND

Too much has been invested by CREATION in this event. There won’t be a doomsday but a most amazing GALACTIC domino effect event in our Universal history.
2012 - A Message of Hope – YouTube

SHOCKING ANNOUNCEMENT about 2012 (Princess in Japan)

A New Global Economic Restructuring - YouTube#!!

Diane Cooper on 2012 and Beyond - Part 4/8

2012 The Odyssey – YouTube

Planetary FREEDOM is very near
Quote for the day....
"So, how do you get back to heaven?"
To begin with, just notice the thoughts that take you away from it. You don't have to believe everything your thoughts tell you.
Just become familiar with the particular thoughts you use to deprive yourself of happiness.
It may seem strange at first to get to know yourself in this way,
but becoming familiar with your stressful thoughts
will show you the way home to everything you need."
~ Byron Katie ~

Message from Crystal People ~ Dianne Robbins 

Sheldan's Inner Earth DVD brings everything into focus about our galactic future,
explaining what will happen to us, our family, friends, pets and treasured possessions.
Topics Include:
• Restoring the Earth • Earth Today
• Hidden Portals • ET Origins
• Inner Earth • Agartha
• Inside Crystal Cities
• Typical Residence • Shamballah
• Metamorphosis Chambers
• Your Transition

How do we prepare for 2012~Webinar with Sheldan 

Introduction to the Galactic Federation of Light

Blue apples and Stargates 
A search for the lost stargate technology and spiritual teachings of Jesus and Mary Magdalene

2012 Meditation - Manifesting 5D SOLARA AN-RA – YouTube


Nature of Earth, Councel of Elders - YouTube

 Visualize: An Artistic Meditation for Creating a New World – YouTube

TRANSFORMATION 2012: DNA CHANGE ALREADY HAPPENS PHI 3rd eye - crown chakra increase 1/3 – YouTube

Kundalini Awakening Process – YouTube

I have been experiencing some strange things lately. I'm not a guy to lose stuff, i keep track of where all my important documents are, credit cards etc. When i was farming, the bookkeeper was always happy to come by at tax time cuz i always have things in order. Recently, however, since my last trip to the US in mid sept., my passport and birth certificate have both disappeared. I carried my birth cert. in my wallet for 30yrs, my passport in travel kit. I wanted to go to hawaii in feb. so i got a new birth cert., applied for a replacement passport, which came just after xmas, so i put them together in a "safe" place, between the mattresses, and today, both are gone again. It seems to me, i'm not supposed to go perhaps. Oh,yeah, i already booked a flight too. Now what? Anybody else had any strange things happen lately, stuff go missing? I've heard of crystals disappearing and coming back to the exact same spot a while later. More than a little befuddled..........Randy Morrow via SPIRIT group!/groups/105530529514596/

When I was meditating on the day after 12:12:11, I saw/experienced a HUGE portal open above me. VAST. Thousands of angels/beings looking down through portal. Then Mother Mary stepped before me and Christ. Wow. Such a humbling and honouring experience. I believe this is the portal that was spoken of for 12:12:11. It really is open and is going to stay open. Very cool!

What about you? Have you encountered any unusual things lately? J

Gillian MacBeth-Louthan: 2012 Time Fields 

The strange LADY IN WHITE appearance at Bilderberg 2011

I've been talking a lot lately about moving to a higher dimension. It is 2012 after all, the most talked about year for quite a while. When you picture ourselves in this 5D utopia, does it include the torture and slaughter of animals? I think not. I picture us all coexisting with the animal kingdom in harmony, balance and respect, all eating a plant based diet, eventually needing no food at all. Even the carnivore animals will not be eating other animals. Is it possible the carnivore animals are reflecting us and when we stop preying on animals, they will too? This is not such a far out notion. Why wait to give up the burger? Do you want to prolong your stay in this prison like 3D reality? I guarantee that once you give up animal products, you will NOT miss it. In fact you will wonder how you ever ate it in the first place because your heart and body will feel lighter because your vibrations will be significantly higher. Laurie Turunen

The Secret of Secrets

Are you ready to go home to 5D Earth – YouTube

The Human Ascension in 2012 : DNA Upgrade, The Shift and Ascension – YouTube

The way of life in the fifth dimension – YouTube

The Fourth Dimension is not Time

Which star system did YOU originate from? | | Esoteric, Spiritual and Metaphysical Database

Veritas Radio with Mel Fabregas - Exopolitics, Paranormal Phenomena & Deep Analysis of Current World Events

Milky Way could contain 'billions of habitable planets' reveal scientists after six-year study | Mail Online

“Another world is not only possible, she is on her way. On a quiet day, I can hear her breathing.”

The Hieros Gamos

in5d Singles -- FREE Online Dating for Like-Minded Co-Creators at - YouTube

Galactic Federation Of Light Ascended Master El Morya February 21 2012

The Final Shifting of Planet Earth and Humanity 2012-2013 : A new relationship with Earth   

Magnetic Field of the Earth is in Decline - The Coming Poleshift - Bodily Symptoms ..mp4 

21st December 2012: the return of the shetans part 1 of 4 

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