Sunday, 9 September 2012

2012 First year of true planetary freedom

2012 First year of true planetary freedom

Free Canada Movement 2012
Starting this year, the economical, financial, technological, health and political areas will be forever and radically changed all over the world.

Educate yourself in order to create a better tomorrow

- Do you know about THE EVENT?
- Are you prepared for THE EVENT?
- Do you know that when THE EVENT happens, the banks will be closed; ATM and Credit Cards will NOT work.
Please Prepare for THE EVENT!

Prepare yourself with extra cash, non perishable food items, essentials including medication and pet food

Also, Google/You Tube search: Keshe Foundation

Also, Google “Nesara Canada” & “History of Nesara”

To learn more please go to Free Canada Movement site

AND Google: “Disclosure Project”

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