Saturday, 29 December 2012

Darryl Starseed vision for our New Earth


Darryl Starseed vision for our New Earth

I wish I lived on a Planet where ships levitated using energy that caused no damage to its planet, where the energy it used was eternal & free. A planet where money was neither needed nor desired for money was irrelevant. Everything & anything we needed was ours.

A planet where a person would be frowned upon to have a weapon for weapons would never be required upon that Planet. A planet where regardless your ethnicity, sexuality, age, gender, belief or ability you'd be treated equally with your free will rights & respect so long as you never intentionally hurt another.

A place where animals & people alike would never flee from you in fear, because they'd know you meant no harm. A place where fulfilling dreams & passions became a common notion, one where our dreams & passions are something treasured & welcomed upon society.

A society filled with adventure, compassion, curiosity, transparency, kindness, culture & joy. A place where Beings would be... encouraged to be their own unique selves, yet expected to be untied with all else through their hearts.

Imagine a world where war was ridiculed & love was celebrated, a world where the people ruled it's Government & the Government served it's people. A world where all emotional, psychological, physical & spiritual needs where seen to, nobody would have reason, excuse or desire to harm another because everything & anything they ever needed would be provided for them & those around them...

That's the world I wish to live in, the world I believe in & the world I know we as a race have the intelligence & love to create. All we need to do is wake up, unite & use our imagination. Then, all of it is possible.

I believe in Humanity, do you?

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