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Psychic protection

Psychic protection

This page has been created and is shared for informational purposes only, per freedom of information exchange act.
 If you require professional help, please consult a professional health care provider/healer of your own choice.

We are electromagnetic beings and our bodies are mostly water. Everything in the universe is energy, manifested in infinite forms.
 Thoughts, feelings, emotions, words, actions, desires, sand, galaxies and infinite life forms are energy.
 Everything anyone thinks, speaks and does affects the whole. 
Ours and others’ thoughts, feelings, emotions, words and actions affect our non physical aspect first followed by the physical.
 Between the physical world and the non physical is but a very thin layer.
Physical and non physical worlds constantly interact.
Psychic phenomena that we are experiencing through our physical and non physical senses can be triggered and influenced by a huge variety of sources and reasons of both physical and nonphysical nature.  

NIACIN (Vitamin B3)   a fascinating, simple, natural supplement    http://galacticawakeningandhealing.blogspot.ca/2013/05/niacin-vitamin-b3.html

http://www.alunajoy.com/2006Faq-psychic2.html  Eat fresh, whole foods, get lots of rest, and most important . . . no drugs, legal or otherwise. Drugs mess up your aura and keep you physically unable to protect yourself.


http://newhorizonholistic.com/?p=266  The main protector for these attacks is your aura. Now, it can protect you from the forces that try to enter. What it cannot protect you from is the weakening you may be doing to it from the inside
Those who often get drunk with alcohol or drugs

http://www.mkprojects.com/pf_PsychicAttacks.htm  It's difficult for anyone to penetrate an aura that is healthy and strong. Auras are weakened by repressed emotions, negative emotions, through the regular use of drugs and alcohol, through smoking cigarettes and a variety of diseases. The physical presence of fungus, parasites, worms, or metal, chemical or atomic poisons can seriously weaken an aura. It's important to understand that all illness begins in the aura and then eventually moves into the physical body. Therefore the care and protection of your energetic body is as important as the physical body so you can repel psychic attacks and stay strong and healthy.
More on this topic can be researched online or energetic  clearings can be done at www.mkprojects.com with Mary Kurus who is specialized in doing clearings and healing on ones Aura."

Note: eating dead foods (cruelty derived animal sourced FOODS ENERGIES, imbued with fear, adrenaline, tormented emotional ENERGIES from the death process of the animal, regardless how the living conditions were, get passed into our EMOTIONAL, MENTAL, PHYSICAL bodies, therefore the importance to feed ourselves with CRUELTY FREE, HIGH VIBRATIONAL, NUTRITIONAL DENSE FRESH/WHOLE FOODS)

http://elementaloracle.blogspot.ca/2013/03/the-spirit-world-psychic-attacks-and.html  Why Psychedelic Drugs aren't recommended and psychic attacks
written by a close friend...

"Psychedelic substances such as Magic Mushrooms, LSD, Cannabis, Mescaline and DMT are extremely powerful. Modern Civilization today lacks the Shamans and experts who can administer these to the population in the right manner. Magic Mushrooms and Mescaline containing cacti can be a major catalyst in spiritual discovery if used a very limited amount of times during ones lifespan and in the right situation under the guidance of a true Shaman. But when easily consumed in excess quantities they can distort our chakras and make holes in our energetic field (Aura) which can lead to Psychic Attacks which are the invasion of negative entities into your being because our defenses are lowered while under the influence. This can be relatively mild to seriously life threatening depending on the specific case. Psychedelics such as LSD should especially be avoided as-well as smoking DMT.
After the Clearing I had, I engaged myself in total sobriety and am now doing Bikram Hot Yoga everyday which I find more powerful than any of these substances combined with proper meditation and spiritual will power. I found that my natural connection with Nature and the Elementals have improved significantly since I quit all intoxicating substances.. It all comes from within... Don't be fooled..
Many lightworkers who get caught up on the wrong path of drug use can become subject to lesser or more serious forms of negative attacks, since those energies only wish to see the fall of such beautiful people. Stay Healthy, fit and sober.. Try some Yoga and explore the paths that don't involve damaging your Aura.   There is a real world good versus evil going on and its very real... Psychedelic drugs are way to offer people the illusion of possibly enlightenment when in reality it is a trap in one way or another. This does not mean that a couple trips with these things are dangerous, they can be rather beneficial but it is easily overdone by the majority that do so...

Marijuana, psychedelics and LIFE FORCE




Eating Meat and its effects on Spiritual Vibration Frequency   http://agnvegglobal.blogspot.com/2011/12/eating-meat-and-its-effects-on.html

Food and mental health

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