Sunday, 2 June 2013

Technologies of the future are already here

Technologies of the future are already here

 New Earth technologies

Sheldan Nidle Web. 28 Preview: Technologies That Transform Our World: Discovering Organic Technology - YouTube

2012-04-01 AWESOME 1st Contact Team Interview Hugh-Man on Our Galactic Family – YouTube

Technologies that Will Change Your World  (archived full webinar/lower half page to order)


Keshe Foundation Promo Intro Video – 30 August 2012

KESHE Foundation

INCREDIBLY RARE VIDEO! Dr.Jonathon Reed Performing UFO "Link Artifact" Test On Live TV

Mystery Light Lifts Truck While Driving In Germany

Volkswagen People's car project, Hover Car, the flying two-seater

Tachyon Healing Chamber Alan Steinfeld investigate Zero Point Technologies with Rick Bergen, CEO of ZeroPoint Marketing. This new technologies allows the body to increase in vibration which brings a higher frequencies of healing.

I guess we had better open our minds to the new reality.  It would be pretty cool to go to Mars for the weekend, wouldn’t it?
“There are now five Mars jump room whistleblowers who jumped to Mars (Michael C. Relfe, Andrew D. Basiago, Arthur Neumann, William B. Stillings, and Bernard Mendez), a corroborating Mars colony recruit (Laura M. Eisenhower), four public servants who have been identified by others as Mars jumpers who have not come forward publicly but might (Barack H. Obama, Regina E. Dugan, Admiral Stansfield Turner, and Mary Jean Eisenhower), one deceased US astronaut who has been identified by three of his co-trainees as a fellow jumper (William C. McCool), one Naval attaché who has been identified by two jumpers as being present at the El Segundo, CA jump room site (Michael Strickland), one CIA agent who has been identified by two jumpers as a Mars training officer who they went on missions to Mars with (Courtney M. Hunt), and one Army scientific and technical intelligence officer who has been identified by three of his Mars trainees (Major Ed Dames).
That’s 14 Americans of impeccable reputation. I ask you, if 13 colonies were enough to found America on, are 14 Americans enough to found the truth of the existence of the Mars jump room program on?”

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