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Nano Wellness Wand VIDEO Testimonials

Nano Wellness Wand VIDEO Testimonials
Galactic Awakening Healing  
Nano WANDS, animals and people VIDEO testimonials

Searching on You tube by these key words: NANO WAND, ZERO POINT ENERGY WAND, AMEGA WAND, IYASHI WAND  as well as the below titles of the linked video clips, you’ll be completely amazed at the power of this technology. It looks like a pen but it is an incredible invention!

PEOPLE AND ANIMALS Video testimonials on you tube, from various wand distributors.  If one of the links below is not available anymore, simply  copy the TITLE(in red) of each clip without typing in the actual link. 

We’ve had reports from Romania where we’ve donated some of our Nano Wands, that very old, limping dogs and cats have gained strength, energy and started walk and even run after their human companions helped them with 6-7 sessions of  wanding

Animals are the best proof of this technology’s power because animals cannot fake symptoms nor healing effects, aka PLACEBO effect  Pet Pain Relief with Zero Point Energy Wand (OUR WAND)   AMEGA WAND Part 1 - Used on My Dying Dog  Amega Wand Part 2 (My Dog Recovered in Minutes After Wanding Him.) 

Professional testimonials using AMwand Live Blood Analysis Test After Using AMWand Electromagnetic Field Test After Using AMWand

PEOPLE testimonials  Amega Wand and Nanna Part 1  Instant Effect of Amega Bracelet to Stroke Patients  Instant Effect of Amega Bracelet to Cardiac Arrest Patients  Peter (Petre) using the Nano Wand & Power Bracelets 1 (read about Peter’s story in the clip “show more” info section)    Peter (Petre) using the Nano Wand & Power Bracelets 2  (read about Peter’s story in the clip “show more” info section)

NANO WANDS video testimonials 

rotator cuff problem is healed and migraine ended fast.  


IYASHI WANDS vs. OTHER WANDS  video TESTS   Breaking The Wand Code: What no one knows about their Zero Point Energy Wand  Next Morning With Rebecca After   Using a Full Spectrum Zero Point Energy Iyashi Wand   Amega vs Iyashi Wand? Official Vibra Scan energy testing.  Original Iyashi Wand Authentication  WHAT CAN DAMAGE YOUR ZERO POINT ENERGY WAND!

For ADVANCED methods of how to use the wand, visit these links:

Wanding Techniques: Get the most use out of your zero point energy wand

What is the Iyashi wand and how to use it

What is the Iyashi wand and how to use it part 2

 WHY is this healing tool working?

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