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WOW Self care rEVOLution

WOW Self care rEVOLution


"Wellness nano wand, the revolutionary self care gadget of the 21st century is here, now"
We proudly introduce in North America a Revolutionary Wellness Technology, processed using our own proprietary technology made of special combination of crystals and granulated minerals, and fused inside of a magnetic casing, that harnesses zero point energy, which is the Source Energy, which it simply reminds our cells to return to Source Energy, wherein there is no pain or dis-ease and to help our body source the universal Life Force energy which our body needs. Sold in Asia for the last 4 years and millions of users worldwide!
Usages of Nano wand: PEOPLE general wellness
-To help unblock the energy channels within the cells and tissues, therefore expediting the self healing process and increasing overall health.
-To clear the distortions in our Bio energetic field
-To help our body's Bio energetic field to source Zero Point Energy (Cosmic Life Force)
-Relieves us of aches and pains, discomfort and supports SELF healing FAST.
-To help our body to obtain homeostasis condition
-Unblocks and strengthens the flow of energy in our body
-Stimulates bodily functions and strengthens immunity.
-Improves eyesight, relieves fatigue, stress, tiredness, and MOOD
-Increases physical, mental and emotional strength.
-Great for those with unbalanced sleeping patterns
-Considerably slows down our biological deterioration.

-Significant behavioral improvements
-Improved learning abilities
-Improved concentration

Used as a beauty tool (making circles around your face), the skin clears off, becoming vibrant, glowing and rejuvenated. Energizes creams and oils for better absorption of nutrients.

On pets and plants to supplement energy deficiency, support self healing and HEALTHY growth

To clear harmful, static energies & EMF radiations and to energize the environment in which we live and work

To neutralize the harmful elements, PURIFY and ENERGIZE our water, foods and liquids, thereby increasing potency AND TASTE. Place a wand in the refrigerator to help keep food fresher and tastier.
Converts inexpensive wine into exquisite and fine wine 

For test results, palm up and do circles on finger tips and palm as close to the skin as possible to feel the energy.
Cut 2 lemon slices and separate them.  Wand 1 slice only, for 3 minutes. Taste the wanded slice and then, the non-wanded.  

Important reminder: the wand does not do the healing. The wand is a reminder tool, helping our body to awaken its own divine healing energy. It is always our own bodies that do the self healing. 
30 years warranty (no batteries required)
Health Canada required disclaimer: The information contained in these materials are for informational and educational purposes only, with information that is general in nature and that is not specific to you, the reader. The contents of this material are intended to assist you and other readers in your personal wellness efforts. Consult your physician regarding the applicability of any information provided here. Nothing in these materials should be construed as personal advice or diagnosis, and must not be used in this manner. The information provided about conditions is general in nature.
You should consult with your physician before beginning any exercise, weight loss, or health and wellness care program.

I had pain in right hip on a scale of 1 to 10, about a 7. After one 2 minute session, the pain was down to a 1! Really, and almost completely gone.   B. Bremings, USA

I had severe pain in both my knees and left ankle. After wanding, the pain was relieved 70 to 90%. Thank you.   Steve Farmer, USA                                                     

I had shoulder pain due to chronic arthritis. Rating from 1 to 10 the pain was an 8. And went to a 1 in two to three minutes. Very impressive.   Lea Jamilla, USA

I slipped yesterday and buckled my knee, after working a 9 hour shift and not being able to ice it. I was in a lot of pain. Today I ran into Betsy with her wand. Within 30 seconds over my knee, I instantly felt it relax. After two minutes I felt a total rush of heat through my body. I felt an emotional release. My knee is still swollen, but the pain is gone! Thank you.   Erin Beaucham, USA                               

I had a pulled muscle under the shoulder blade and upper vertebrae compacted both were released with the wand. Pain gone, cool feeling remaining, soothing!   G. Brownson, USA

For the past few years I have had very weak wrists, and they would get sprained, often. With my left wrist newly sprained, my pain was about a 7.betsy wanded me and i instantly felt a new strength I hadn't had in years, pain gone! Thank you.   Meredith Mcelroy, USA

I had pain in my back, neck, and shoulder. The second Betsy started i felt so relaxed, pain free, comfortable, and happy!!!!! It was amazing! thank you.   Starr Jacques, USA

MY hip is always in pain. Betsy used her wand and i felt no pain after that. Thanks.
Wendy Firrecoats, USA

I have really bad neck and shoulder pain all the time. Once Betsy started wanding me I felt instantly better, the pain went from an 8 to a 3. It’s amazing, I highly recommend the wand.    Rachelle Arnold, USA

The first thing it went right to my knees. Wow! What energy! It was so hot and good. Then my screaming feet stopped screaming and are now humming, and my sinuses are draining. How great is this! I'm blown away!!!!   Pat Brown, USA

This energy too; is very effective.... Yes, I am a believer and also love to see the power of working in beauty with this light tool. It really works. It was used on my sprained ankle and relief of pain was almost immediate. Love, life, and light!   Meilani, USA

My lower abdomen severe cramps and my few days old bad neck strain have disappeared within 5 minutes of using the Wellness Nano Wand for the first time. This tool it’s a true miracle! Mirela, Canada

I was limping and barely standing because of my right foot severe pain. After using the wand for 4 minutes for the first time my foot pain was gone. After couple of more sessions my lower back pain has been greatly reduced and my energy levels considerably increased. Thank you for the best gift of my life! Geta, Canada.

IMPORTANT: Don’t keep your wand very close to EMF emitting sources such as wireless gadgets, microwave, alarm clocks, cell phones, as the wand’s programmed frequencies are being affected ! Please contact us to learn more about how you can also protect YOURSELF from such health hazardous sources!

Basic suggestions on how to us the Nano Wand     
A) Always begin by shaking or tapping the wand on a hard surface several times before using to activate the wand’s crystals and energy.
Since all problem areas are due to energy blockages in the body, wand around your finger tips and toes counter-clockwise, 3 times before working on a problem area.
B) Start by rotating the wand 3 times slowly counter-clockwise, on the problem area, followed by continued slow clockwise circle motions.
C) Touch the area you “wand” after each 3, 9, 18 (or more) rotations for best results.
Finish your wand sessions how you started.  Slowly wand counter-clockwise around your finger tips and toes 3 times.
You do not have to limit the use to 3, 9, 18 rotations. It may actually take up to 30 minutes (or more) to achieve the desired effects.
You can use the wand everyday or as much as desired.
Remember results vary for each individual and may also depend on the problem area. Results can also be delayed until the next day. 
You can wand through clothes, directly on the skin or just above it. You can also hold the wand on the problem area to achieve results.
Even if you’re not feeling any discomfort it is still good to use your wand. This will help to remove any blocked energies that might be building up.   Please remember to tap the wand several times on a on a hard surface before using for best results.  
 A deeper more peaceful sleep may be achieved by putting the wand under your pillow or under your bed.
For pets, to unblock energy fields, press the wand in between your animal's toe pads.
Wand the water for your plants for a few minutes, before watering them. Wand your plants too.
·  You may also stir liquids with the wand to energize your drinks. Rotating the wand above a drink, the zero point energy spins into the liquid. Or liquid can be poured over the wand where it picks up the resonance. The resonance generated is similar to that found in the earth surrounding many natural healing springs around the world. This is important because our bodies are made up of over 70% water.

For ADVANCED methods of how to use the wand, visit these links:

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Try to carry your wand with you as often as possible but without keeping it close to your wireless wifi gadgets. Tests on with or without having the wand close to our bodies, have shown that WITH the wand close to us, even WITHOUT making circles with it, our bio energetic fields are greatly enhanced!

 Nano Wellness Wand VIDEO Testimonials

 Note: we are not selling the Nano Wands but offer them in exchange for an honorary donation to cover our costs, shipping fees and to allow us to continue our global charitable program.

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