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HUMANS’ forgotten powers

HUMANS’ forgotten powers

INCREDIBLY RARE VIDEO! Dr.Jonathon Reed Performing UFO "Link Artifact" Test On Live TV

1/10 2011 Dr. Jonathan Reed - Candid Interview.

Humans' forgotten powers. A large group could influence the weather being thrown at us for a smoother outcome:

CLEARING CLOUD GAME is a game of  the 21st century. It is meant to be convinced what the force of consciousness is. The process of the game is a kind of meditation; There are no rules, but emotional enthusiasm, sense of joy and harmony, the unity of everything surrounding are guaranteed. These emotions stay forever in the soul of each person, who once experienced the state “I have done it!”, “I have succeeded!”, “Yes, it is possible!” Just these feelings are the main point of the game.


How to erase clouds? – YouTube

Secret Footage: Humans Can Do Anything With Their Minds If They Meditate, Even Start a Fire

(НТВ 22.01.2011) Летающая девочка в лесу.

Man Levitates. MUST SEE!!!!

Qi Gong Demonstration by Master James Chee in Quanzhou 2010 – YouTube

Ripleys Believe It or Not! A Qigong (chi kung) Master Emits Heat From Hand at Over 200 degrees – YouTube

Man in China moves objects with CHI/KI energy

Chinese doctor

Buddhist Monk Levitation - Full Movie

Natural Mystery, Episode 4: Extra Sensory Mind
in PART 3, we can learn through SCIENCE how our NEGATIVE/SKEPTIC mind set PHYSICALLY INFLUENCES AN OUTCOME of an EXPERIMENT on HUMAN PSYCHE and also how a closed/negative mind set influences our reality

Naked Science: Telepathy (part 1/4)

Human mind, feelings, intentions, words, actions and non actions can visibly influence matter and science has already proven it:

Masaru Emoto water, food AND MUSIC messages  Rice Experiment - Day 147 - Last day!!! THE IGNORED RICE looks WORSE than the one with directed NEGATIVE words  (or why it is worse to NOT reaching out to other beings than to shockingly, actually harm them)


Terrified Woman From Another Universe Wakes Up Here | Before It's News

Superhuman Abilities - Telekinesis, Levitation, Pyrokinesis ( intro by David Wilcock ) – YouTube

Acceleration of Metaphysical Abilities for Immediate Results – YouTube

Cure all Illnesses in 3 minutes GREGG BRADEN

Ancient Understanding of the Heart Field Gregg Braden


The Power of Your Subconscious Mind to Achieve ANY Goal (www.MindMaster.TV)

Old man doing turtle freeze on a bottle

One of the best inspirational videos ever - Susan Boyle - Britains Got Talent 2009

 Why We ALL Have Psychic Powers: How Thought Premonitions & Telepathy are More Common Than We Thought

Mind Science Kept Hidden Documentary (removed and re-uploaded) – YouTube

The Chinese doctor


Andrew Basiago: Time Travel and Project Pegasus At Free Your Mind Conference 

Andrew D Basiago on Mars & Time Travel 

Andrew D. Basiago CoastoCoast 11-11-10 host George 

Time Traveler 2749. p1/3 

Time Travel And Parallel Universes 

QUANTUM JUMPING  The Art of Jumping Time Lines  Alfred Webre: Time Travel and Teleportation | The 2012 Scenario   Ophiuchus, The Burning Tower, and The Doppelgänger Universe



LONDON Man Walking on Water AMAZING

Dynamo Magician Impossible Part 1 2011 DVDrip H264 BONE 

TOTT: Dynamo shows us his tricks 


HUMAN SPIRITUAL evolution through FOOD 


Breatharianism (for those who perceive VEGANISM as being EXTREME)





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