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We can heal ourselves, with the help of Source energy and our own energy.
EVERYthing is ENERGY, created by ONE Source and INTERconnected.
Atoms, galaxies, bodies, thoughts, food, water, sound, light, emotions, feelings, words, actions.

Planet, animals and humans CHAKRAS

We are made of several bodies: spiritual, mental, emotional, physical
They are all tightly interconnected.
When ONE is out of balance, ALL OTHERS become out of balance, through ripple effect.
ALL of PHYSICAL imbalances start in the NON-PHYSICAL first.
Our PHYSICAL bodies have been brilliantly designed and equipped to SELF HEAL from most anything, IF they are being sustained with PROPER, BALANCED, HEALTHY energies, emotions, feelings, thoughts, words, food, water, time in nature and actions.
Even under extreme, harsh conditions, being under 24/7 attack from environmental pollutants, EMF pollution, DEAD, UNhealthy and TOXINS filled FOOD, fluoridated water, ongoing huge levels of stress, chemicals from pharmaceutical drugs overuse, our bodies, somehow, MANAGE to KEEP US ALIVE, which is their PRIME FUNCTION and ROLE.
None of us, born into such hugely toxic environments, will ever know TRUE HEALTH and wellness unless we change everything in our lives.
However, since most of us can’t afford the luxury to move in Hawaii and eat the freshest healthiest RAW foods, drinking pure, mountain stream water, bathe in the ocean every day, walk barefoot on mineral rich volcanic soil and escape the “modern” slavery system, we need to learn about alternative methods to help our worn out bodies to heal themselves enough to at least make it easier for us to live under extreme conditions such as mentioned above.
Through the miraculous birth of Internet, many fascinating old and new methods of helping our bodies to SELF HEAL, have appeared.

Below, there are several such unique, incredibly efficient methods to use OUR OWN energy as well as SOURCE energy to realign ALL of our bodies back into enough balance that they could start functioning much better.
Such exercises and eating a wholesome, nutrient dense raw fruits, vegetables and a HEALTHY vegan food in general, drinking ALKALINE water, spending more and more time in NATURE, walking barefoot (GROUNDING or EARTHING), wearing an EMF protective pendant (and grounding it daily for the static energy accumulation discharge), avoiding negative people, situations, media and cultivating COMPASSION for all other Earth sharing sentient beings, getting involved in any type of positive activities to help our planet heal, introducing LAUGHTER in our lives once again, surrounding ourselves with POSITIVE, inspiring people, listening to UPLIFTING, soothing healing music, should take our current overall inner outer state to a whole, unimaginable level.
Incredible healing technologies are being announced to be introduced for our planet.
Until then, the below and above methods to self heal are the best we can offer ourselves at this timeJ
In gratitude to SOURCE energy and to all magnificent souls who have shared these methods with humanity.

Eating Meat and its effects on Spiritual Vibration Frequency

How to make a smooth, natural transition to a vegan lifestyle

The Science of Quantum Entrainment/QE(AMAZING!!!) for EMOTIONAL and PHYSICAL healing

HEALING ourselves using OUR OWN energy Donna Eden -- Energy Medicine for Women (and a bit about her incredible story) Donna Eden: The Energy Medicine Kit Donna Eden 5 Min Energy Routine Donna Eden - Introduction to Energy Medicine Donna Eden - Eenrgy Medicine Three 22 – Magnets  Donna Eden on Chakras and Chakra Clearing and Energizing  Energy Healing One - 02 – Welcome Energy Healing One - 03 - Energy Testing Part1 Energy Healing One - 03 - Energy Testing Part2  Energy Healing One - 04 - Five Minute Energy Routine   Energy Healing One - 05 - The Three Thumps part1 Energy Healing One - 05 - The Three Thumps part2  Energy Healing One - 06 - The Cross Crawl  Energy Healing One - 07 - The Wayne Cook Posture part1 Energy Healing One - 07 - The Wayne Cook Posture part2  Energy Healing One - 08 - The Crown Pull Energy Healing One - 10 - Lymphatic Flush Energy Healing One - 11 - Lymphatic Reflexes  Energy Healing One - 13 - Your Aura part1 Energy Healing One - 13 - Your Aura part2 Energy Healing One - 15 - Tracing Your Meridians part1 Energy Healing One - 15 - Tracing Your Meridians part2


EFT - Temporal Tap Demo – YouTube

Empathy and How To Become Unhurtable - Abraham Hicks – YouTube NEGATIVE ENERGY- How To Deal With It Effectively: Part 1

MUSICAL RAPTURE - A Healing Gift to Humanity – YouTube

Helping our planet and all of her inhabitants to heal, we also help ourselves to heal. EVERYthing is ENERGY, created by ONE Source and INTERconnected.
Planetary healing from the ground up


EARTHING (grounding)

EMF, SMART METERS, MICROWAVE dangers & shielding

Masaru Emoto water messages



HUMANS’ forgotten powers



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