Sunday, 24 February 2013

5D dancing in 3D body

5D dancing in 3D body
Ever wondered how DANCING in other dimensions would be like?

See and Imagine the movement and expression possibilities without a rigid, 3D body restraint, if with one, such astounding performances are even possible.
After watching these clips, your life will be forever altered, for the better.
After watching these clips, what seemed impossible may as well become possible.
This artist’ SPIRITUAL role on this planet it seems to be far more important than entertaining and leaving humanity in complete jaw dropping AWE with his OTHERworldly dance moves.
His role must also be that which shakes up humanity from the crystallized belief that our choices and possibilities are very limited.
His moves and brilliant artistic form of expression is an incredible APATHY cure pill, which all of us were in desperate need of.
The HEALING value of his art well transcends the physical aspect of brilliant, genius, exquisite entertaining and brings with it, many aspects of potent and possible inner spiritual, emotional, mental and physical healing.
To Marquis Scott, in deep gratitude, THANK YOU for being such a perfect channel through which a long suffering humanity can find an oasis of pure joy, wonder and a very special form of healing our wounded hearts, minds and souls from our 3D journeys.
Thank you for reminding humanity to Express ourselves more freely, even in our mundane day to day tasks and for becoming more brave about expressing our emotions and unfulfilled desires and dreams.
Thank you for reminding humanity that we are capable of the “im-possible”.
What others are saying/feeling about his art…and while watching his dance, what will you? ENjoy your tripJ

*Those arent human movements... Its like he's some crazy kind of marionette and some invisible god of dance is pulling controlling him and letting him briefly defy gravity.

*What kind of powers did God give you!?!?
I want those powers!!!!

*My old bones shimmer every time I see this guy perform! Dam good art work son!

*This man dances on marionette strings controlled by the God of Awesome.

*Even water would loose a fluidity contest against this guy

*I just don't understand your body. It's amazing.

*He's like the GOD of dancing

*Just. He's. Im speechless like always

*Hold me
My dreams can do that

*I could do that, after like 20 years practice and a few near death experiences

*I really do hope this is real...IT BETTER BE. I swear it's like.. a god of dancing. Go bro, Go!

*is it ironic that he actually set fire to the rain with his sweet moves?

*Not only can he dance like Jesus, BUT HE CAN DO IT IN THE RAIN!

*Dud how r y so good??? I wish I could be as good as u

*Dear WHZGUD2,
Please stop defying gravity,It's annoying-_-

*o my god

*make a video then and show the world

*Snap im tripping out :)

*That was the most amassing things I've sawin ages

*mann you are the defenition of sickness !!! OMG (J)

*So that's how you set fire to the rain!

*sorry Michael Jackson but this guy is 10000x better than u Xd


*Gravity isn't needed!

*Videos like this seriously make me want to be able to click Like more than once. Amazing stuff, what a pleasure to watch. Thanks!

*Great style, mesmerizing to watch!

*he came back from the matrix, and remembered everything

And now, the ART


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