Friday, 1 March 2013

Alcohol, addictions and parasitical entities

Alcohol, addictions and parasitical entities

Attachments like addictions to alcohol, sex, drugs, or emotional issues or the possession of material things may be among their reasons for remaining. For example, someone with an addiction to alcohol may hang around a bar and attach themselves to a living being who shares their addiction. That individual then has a second mind exerting will to direct his or her behavior and draining vital energy.

Intoxication by alcohol or other drugs is a common way to resonate with these negative astral planes and attract entities into your energy. In pubs and clubs you will find a strong connection to such planes and an abundance of entities looking for a potential host.

Drugs and alcohol are the easiest and most common way to offer your body as a potential host for a parasitic entity. The lower the body’s natural defenses and your personal will, the easier it is to parasite.

•  Addictive behaviors, including addiction to alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, sex or gambling

SOULutions: spend TONS of time in NATURE, GROUNDING (EARTHING) yourself, eat HIGH VIBRATIONAL, CRUELTY FREE FOODS, surround yourself with happy people, avoid negative ones, find your passion and help the planet with anything you feel compelled to

EARTHING (grounding)

EMF, SMART METERS, MICROWAVE dangers & shielding

Planetary healing from the ground up


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