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Marijuana, psychedelics and LIFE FORCE

Marijuana, psychedelics and LIFE FORCE

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Which is also why you also become so debilitated using drugs. The warm alluric auroras of marijuana are simply the energies splaying out sporadically through your rod with Nplus static attracting back in as a result. While you think you have become higher in frequency, you are actually lower in frequency because your net energy flow is dissipated.
 An environment which feels warm and inviting to you when under the influence of marijuana, will feel cold and clammy to someone who is not because of the lower frequency and static accumulations present. The so-called illuminations in your consciousness through such minor higher sense enhancements are actually lesser gains because they come at such high price. The promised utopia of psychedelics was true illusion for not knowing the way psychedelics actually worked and what the cost would be in frequency loss.

There is a spiritual and medicinal side to marijuana to be sure. When it is grown solely for profit and used solely for recreational purposes however, the higher beneficial frequencies are usurped and adverse energy dissipations result instead. The same is true and more so for LSD. Its effect is very adverse when used to party, as the attunement of your higher senses goes towards the Mentallized Illusion and not towards Reality.  


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if it's being SMOKED it creates a major LEAK OUT of positive chi flow, and in turn creating, transmitting and attracting STATIC/STALE energy (parasitic energy)

also, if smoked REPEATEDLY when under stress, it creates a vicious circle of SHORT, TEMPORARY, ILLUSORY RELIEF  while at the same time CAUSING us to produce, transmit and attract/receive STATIC/PARASITICAL energies

extremely interesting and worthy to notice and objectively, genuinely analyze:
WHY does one get the MUNCHIES when smoking marijuana? ALWAYS
knowing that FOOD is ENERGY
and the reason we EAT is to replenish our physical bodies with ENERGY from FOOD

then, the natural question is:

DO WE LOSE, LEAK OUT ENERGY when smoking marijuana?
are MUNCHIES a PROOF that indeed, we do leak out MASSIVE amounts of energy
with our bodies trying to MAKE UP for the massive energy loss?
WHERE does this lost energy goes? to WHOM? WHO benefits and feeds OFF IT?
MAYBE the PARASITICAL entities that are being attracted to a host that creates STATIC ENERGIES AROUND? aka: the PERSON who JUST SMOKED Marijuana?

does one lets his/her PROTECTIVE ENERGETIC SHIELD DOWN when smoking TOO MUCH of it?

does our  energy cord to our Higher Self gets WEAK?

attracting UNwanted parasitical entities to feed off our LIVE FORCE?

how about the DRY MOUTH? body becoming dehydrated?

HOW does one feel the NEXT DAY after smoking?
Withdrawal symptoms?

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