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Many of us seek and practice a multitude of healing modalities using OUTside of ourselves methods. In all truth, any healing should begin at our innermost core levels, starting with the FOOD we eat. It is impossible for ANY outside of ourselves method to be efficient, unless our INNER channels are CLEAR to receive the OUTER healing. Eating CRUELTY, SUFFERING energy filled DEAD FOODS while meditating and doing/receiving REIKI is shooting ourselves in the foot! 

Those who are truly VEG awaken/ING don't be shy or reluctant to help your families and friends to also awaken and heal...for INITIAL resistance will transform in overwhelming GRATITUDE from THEIR SOUL, some day down the road...once WE know, it becomes our spiritual duty to also HELP THOSE WHOM WE LOVE to also HEAL at this deep level. No one is too young or too old to be helped. And this is the highest form of spiritual service for them, the planet, Creation and ourselves.

There is a growing trend of LAW OF ATTRACTION fans that get so deeply immersed into practicing it for themselves alone, that they can no longer remember that the TRUE, permanent, ultimate healing and abundance for ourselves can only spring from helping the world around us to also heal and regain its natural abundance, as ALL LIFE is interconnected. While we close our eyes and ears, shutting our hearts down to OTHER SOULS’ (humans and animals alike) NEEDS and PAINS, we unknowingly SHUT OURSELVES into momentary EGO satisfying, illusory happiness and ultimate separatism, egocentric, self driven oblivion.
 We will never be able to find TRUE, LASTING, PERSONAL, INNER joy, health and abundance, in a world where HURT, SADNESS, DISPAIR, DISEASE AND POVERTY still dwell.   There must be an EQUAL balance of investing our energies, LOVE, gifts and blessings in BOTH inner and outer worlds, for one cannot exist without the other.

 Invest in your SPIRITUAL BANK more than you invest in your financial, material bank…someday you will be able to enjoy its infinite, unlimited JOY, LOVE and PEACE benefits. Reach out and help other humans, animals, and the planet, to heal. GIVING, SHARING of YOURSELF, your time and resources is not LOSING but EXPONENTIALLY GAINING through “what goes around comes around” Universal Law, known by other names such as causality, karma, cause and effect. The more, better and faster “THEY” heal, YOU heal, as ALL LIFE IS INTERCONNECTED through CAUSALITY. NOT doing (indifference) is worse than HARMING.  Rice Experiment - Day 147 - Last day!!! THE IGNORED RICE looks WORSE than the one with directed NEGATIVE words  (or why it is worse to NOT reaching out to other beings than to shockingly, actually harm them)
NOT reaching out and be in service is the shortest way to self extinction. HELPING and being in service to Creation is in fact being in service to US as well, as WE ARE PART of CREATION…the HEALING and EXPANSION of Creation means WE HEAL, EXPAND, EVOLVE.
There is a growing trend of TRUTHERS that only accept and pursue LIMITED, HALF TRUTHS, in order to preserve personal status quo. For this reason, precious energy is being wasted on futile activism while remaining deeply submerged within the matrix.

TRUTHERS awakenING further

There is a growing trend of SPIRITUAL people who chose to follow LIMITING spiritual paths, unknowingly or otherwise, remaining blind or intentionally ignoring the TRUE ONEness of ALL life created, through their FOOD choices.  Which, ultimately and inevitably will short circuit the very spiritual path they believe to be on. Walking our wishes becomes far more important than THINKING and TALKING them. THIS is the KEY to CREATION and MANIFESTATION.  “Do onto others what YOU want others to do onto you”.

Eating Meat and its effects on Spiritual Vibration Frequency 

There is a growing trend of HEALERS who, unknowingly first, then deliberately later, as they learn about deeper, more subtle aspects of healing, like CONSUMING EXTREME PAIN INFUSED ENERGIES through the MEAT of the slaughtered animals they continue to consume, chose to continue to offer HEALING to others while they carry PAST and PRESENT, ON GOING, DAILY forming very low vibration energies into their own energy fields, thus passing it on to their clients and families while making themselves to believe that the Universe is taking care of things by wishful thinking with no doing, detaching themselves from the highest form of spiritual healing which is from deep within at all levels, through conscious, willful, love and reverence based decision  for ALL life created. Spiritual awareness and willingness to help others comes with equal spiritual maturity and responsibility.

Eating Meat and its effects on Spiritual Vibration Frequency 

The most unique, lasting, permanent, ongoing GIFT a LOVING PARENT can pass on to his/her  child/ren is the SPIRITUAL WELLBEING of the SOUL of his/her child/ren.  Gifts and gadgets, schools and vacations are temporary, limiting, passing proof of HUMAN LOVE. Our ULTIMATE TEST as parents is to give our child the ULTIMATE GIFT of SPIRITUAL ABUNDANCE and HEALTH.  Our SPIRITUAL STATUS QUO is far more important to invest in and protect, than our HUMAN, SOCIETAL and political one.

There is a growing trend of Christian leaders and followers who continue to miss out the VERY ESSENCE of the Christ teachings and who almost aggressively push the religion they follow on the world around and VERY TOUGH they lay down a man made  subservient, threatening, punishable God law and VERBALLY reciting, preaching the Christ universal message of LOVE and HEALING, all the while forgetting to LIVE it themselves. Walking is far more important than our talking.

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It all starts with the truth. Then, as you accommodate to it more and more, TRUE healing will automatically begin.

 How to make a smooth, natural transition to a vegan lifestyle

Prayer of Higher Intention by Dianna Cooper

Angel of light, fill my heart with love and respect for all life forms. Help me recognize the Divine in all things so that by thought, word and action, I align with the highest will. Strengthen my intention to live my life according to the purest vision. At the same time open me to compassion for those who transgress the Spiritual Laws. Amen.  The Conscious Army - Love Is The New Religion (AGN OFFICIAL CLIP)

It's Time To Wake Up - We Are All One – YouTube

How to make a smooth, natural transition to a vegan lifestyle

Eating Meat and its effects on Spiritual Vibration Frequency 

ALL links (HEALING from the GROUND UP)




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