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This page and this non commercial blog has been created and shared for pure INFORMATIONAL purpose.
This is no medical advice. The informational material contained here is not to replace professional, nutritional and medical advice.
Consult your intuition and health advisor for any health/diet related life style changes.
No one is responsible for your life decisions except yourself. Responsibility and maturity in any personal decision making process is a prerequisite.

Not long ago, VEGANISM was perceived as an act of extreme activism.
Today, the movement is sweeping the world off her feet.
The domino effect has started and the world is evolving in front of our eyes.
Veganism is now starting to be perceived as natural and necessary for planetary, individual, physical and spiritual wellbeing.
What’s next?
Raw foods…fruitarianism…pranism (breatharianism)…
As extreme as it may seem now, it only took 2 decades for veganism to transcend from its extreme status to a natural step in our evolution.
It might take more than 2 decades for breatharianism to catch on but in all truth, it’s already happening.
WHO will we become after stopping eating PHYSICAL FOOD?
WHO are we NOW without it?
Do we have any other identity besides eaters?
WHAT ELSE there’s to our nature?
WHY are we here for anyway, after all of our BBQ’s and food feasts will lose their charm?
Is even POSSIBLE to live MANY YEARS in a PHYSICAL body without TOUCHING food?
EVOLUTION is a NATURAL and NECESSARY aspect of Creation. Without it, LIFE will self destroy. Everything moves, expands, evolves.
The ONLY constant in Creation is CHANGE.
As we come out of the initial shock when learning that there are actual PEOPLE living in ACTUAL PHYSICAL BODIES, for actually MANY MANY YEARS withOUT ACTUAL PHYSICAL FOOD, the next, actual most natural questions that may come to our minds, are:
WHY would ANYONE enjoy living without the pleasure of EATING FOOD?
WHY else we’d want to live for?
WHAT ELSE would be out there to do without FOOD?
WHAT IS our purpose here IF NOT to EAT and EAT and EAT?
This page has not been created and is not intended to influence people to give up eating physical food.
This page has been created to invite other humans to take the next step farther down the rabbit hole and to both Inwardly and OUTwardly explore, ask questions, discover and REdiscover WHAT ELSE IS OUT THERE.
Is there LIFE after stop eating food?
Based on those people whose fascinating lives are being shared below, it definitely seems so.
It must be a far greater gain and experience, unperceivable to our limiting 3D 5 senses, for those who have chosen THIS life style, in order to TRADE the FOOD for a NOT eating path.
It must have to do with accessing worlds beyond our human 3D senses on a regular basis that must have made it worth giving up physical food.
Lo and behold the miracle of LIVING a PHYSICAL life with no PHYSICAL food.
Is THIS our future, hundreds, possibly 1,000 years from now? MAYBE
Not long ago, when the FIRST VEGANS went public, they’ve been as punished and stigmatized by their families and societies as these people below, I’m sure they’ve been, when they’re renounced ANY food.
EVOLUTION is a natural, necessary and inevitable part of Creation.
In order to be successful, it needs to be done in NATURAL, GRADUAL STEPS.
After watching these clips, you’ll hopefully decide that these people’ decision was not one of CHALLENGE but THEIR NATURAL STEP in THEIR evolution.
It all comes down to WHERE YOU are STANDING in this very moment of your eternal existence.
It is OUR VERY OWN observational, perceptional, experimental point of reference to the reality around us, which determines OUR READYness for OUR NEXT evolutionary step.
EVERYthing is energy.
 After watching these clips, you’ll definitely say to yourself: after all, going RAW FOOD VEGAN doesn’t seem as hard, extreme and farfetched anymoreJ
And this is MY precise motivation that inspired me to create this blog and this page.
When I’ve got the idea to create this page, I was HOPING that I could find at least 2 breatharians who are not 100lbs and who don’t look ghostly and turn off-ish.
Little did I know and to my huge surprise, I’ve discovered something so incredible that I’m still in awe and wonderment about it.
There is boundless infinity of new stuff to discover in this ever expanding 900 trillion years + Universe/s.
How could I not share it with the world?
 When all is said and done, you’ll surely view the world around YOU in a whole new light

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