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JESUS, the REAL life

JESUS, the REAL life

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excerpts from

 “If you die instead of conventional old age, then clearly you did not come into proper alignment with your Cross of Power during your lifetime.
The 'Cross of Death' was a perverted version of the 'Cross of Power', used as a malpractice death instrument by the Romans for forcing your Soul Atom out of your projection before its time. The same is true for Earth plane capital punishments of today. They are a severe malpractice and not sanctioned.
During the many years of his youth, Jesus's whereabouts were completely unknown to family and friends. In actuality his time was spent journeying through the Arab countries of the Middle East, the countries ringing the Mediterranean, and through India. He traveled to investigate the understandings of the regions, make contacts, and undergo his outer consciousness purgings.
When Jesus finally cleared his carnality in the Temple of the Hieroglyph in the Great Pyramid, which had been prepared for the purpose nearly ten thousand years earlier by the positive Sons of the Solitude during Atlantis, he re-appeared at the age of thirty in Bethlehem ready to implement the outer portion of his bestowal responsibility.
Jesus gathered his twelve Brides of Christ and twelve Male Disciples. The twelve males and twelve females respectively held the fields for the twelve astrophysical frequencies in both male and female mode at the higher frequencies. The fields surrounded the entourage as they moved about to help in the translation of the masses. Jesus taught for three years before undergoing transfiguration on the mount at the age of thirty three.”
Mary and Joseph were a Soul Mate pair in the third dimensional time line condition, whose responsibility was to insure a purine incarnating environment for the upcoming advent of Christ.
Mary Magdalene and Jesus of Nazareth were a Soul Mate pair working together in the third dimensional time line condition.
Mary was Jesus' other projected half, who had only passive responsibilities in the outer goings on at the time. Of the inner goings on it was a different matter. Mary was the only one at the door of the tomb for three days while Jesus underwent the process of resurrection.
In their Whole Atom seventh dimensional reality they are known as Christ Michael of Salvington, the Creator Son and Daughter holding their whole Local Universe in his/her consciousness. Through his/her lifestream their Local Universe exists, unfolds its blueprinted expression, and undergoes its expansion and evolution.
Jesus and Mary were the Male/Female combined Ovarian Soul Atom of Christ Michael who had undergone special preparation, including a fifth dimensional root race sojourn two hundred and fifty million years ago in order to be able to hold the exceptional frequencies of Christ Michael's official bestowal of two thousand years ago.


There are a series of books written by Kathleen McGowan about Mary Magdalene and Christ that are fascinating. Christ revered women and taught that women were the Divine Feminine aspect of Creator. He ever wrote his own book of Gospels called The Book of Love (which is in the Vatican but of course they do not want these teachings exposed).

Christ also taught that union between man and woman was sacred and he was conceived by Immaculate Conception because he was conceived through the art of Heiros Gamos.
The books are The Expected One; The Book of Love and The Poet Prince. A fascinating, enlightening and worthy read. Will change the way you think about Christ energy, teachings and consciousness.
Source of Miracles is another book of her.

Blue apples and Stargates 
A search for the lost stargate technology and spiritual teachings of Jesus and Mary Magdalene

 Religion, Animals and VEGetarianism

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