Friday, 20 April 2012

We are FREE for the SKEPTICS

We are FREE for the SKEPTICS

This page has been created for and dedicated to all people of this world who still DOUBT that MAJOR PLANETARY and OFF PLANETARY SHIFTS  occur AS WE SPEAK, despite the evident multiple sources, from both MAIN STREAM MEDIA and ALTERNATIVE MEDIA.

Soon, VERY soon, these and much much more will be broadcasted 24/7 on ALL major MAIN STREAM MEDIA channels ALL AROUND OUR PLANET and WAY BEYONDJ

So, HOLD ON to your WHITE HATS, fasten your seat belts for it is going to become a VEEEERY interesting rideJ

SPONTANEOUS  EVOLution in full progressJ


May ALL beings become FREE and HAPPY soonJ


The White Hats and Lord James of BlackHeath Deliver a Death Blow to The Cabal (the FIRST huge OFFICIAL move)

SHOCKING ANNOUNCEMENT about 2012 (Princess in Japan)

Larry King Live:UFO Debate (Part 1 Of 4)

UFO CNN Larry King confirm it now 2012 EXTRAORDINARY FOOTAGE!!! !!!MUST SEE!!!

US Government ADMITS UFOs - Alien contact disclosed in Press Conference



GERMAN PRESIDENT Christian Ruff resigns

Arrests in Olympus Scandal Point to Widening Inquiry Into a Cover-Up

Arrests made in Italy after discovery of $6 trillion in fake U.S. bonds

Italian prosecutors have demanded a five-year prison sentence for former premier Silvio Berlusconi in his trial on corruption charges.

Blankfein out as Goldman Sachs CEO by summer?


February is Poppin'! Illuminati are Ending!  (SUPER video)

Greek town develops bartering system without euro

Four Priests Charged In Vatican Banking Scandal

Alternative media reports

Insider Claims Imminent Mass Arrests of Globalists, Bankers and Political Elite

Disclosure 2012 UFOs New York Flotilla Fleet Disclosure 2012 UFO today 

2012-04-01 AWESOME 1st Contact Team Interview Hugh-Man on Our Galactic Family

HOW TO prepare for what’s coming soon?

Iceland forgives mortgage debt of its population – YouTube

BABOOM! 50 Top, Scientists, Engineers at NASA signe letter asking NASA to cease its buffoonery

The President Of Iceland Tells Us How He Had The Balls To Stand Up To Britain

2012 strange sounds

Strange Sounds Heard Around The World Staged Alien Threat? (don’t fear it, these sounds are a sign that outside help has arrived in dismantling the underground cabal bases) further below, many relevant clips

Many More NWO Bases Destroyed Part 2 by David Wilcock 2011 October 13 – YouTube

Strange Noises Reported Around North Battleford 2012

 Groaning Earth Sounds - Calgary Jan 17 2012

Strange Sounds In Edmonton Alberta, Jan 14th 2012

Strange Noise

Strange sounds in Conklin, Alberta Jan. 12/2012

Strange Sounds Mexico 2012


David Wilcock & Benjamin Fulford (1/4) Interview (11-09-14) US UNDERGROUND BASES BEEN NUKED – YouTube

6.9 SeaQuake Destroys Major China Reptilian Base.mp4 - YouTube

Alfred Webre Interviews Tolec October 2011 - YouTube

"On Monday 20th February 2012, confirmatory intelligence emerged from Japan (here) that, below the surface, a widening rift in geopolitical loyalties is developing between the older and younger members of the British Royal Family bloodlines. This rift is understood to be developing and extending through most of the European Illuminati hereditary control-structures, not just in the UK, but also in countries such as The Netherlands, Spain and Sweden."

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