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The LADY IN WHITE Bilderberg 2011

The LADY IN WHITE Bilderberg 2011

It was an odd walk right from the start. From nowhere, like something from a dream, a distinguished lady, dressed from top to toe in white, whooshed serenely past security and swanned to the front of the power walkersNo one recognised her or has seen her since. She had an other-worldy quality; I half expected her to be leading them to Charon's boat, or up a stairway formed of clouds.

The lady in white led her band of Bilderberg bigwigs and billionaires along the charming Swiss byways, across bridges over gentle streams ... and straight into a pack of 50 baffled activists, who were milling around outside a community hall during a break in a symposium.

Will Christ turn up at Davos 2012 like he did at Bilderberg 2011?
One of the lesser reported events at the chaotic and fractured Bilderberg annual gathering in St Moritz, Switzerland, in June 2011 was the unexpected visit of a senior spiritual master.

The individual known as Christ in church mythology, but better known in esoteric spiritual circles as The Maitreya Buddha, Krishna, The World Teacher, or The Imam Mahdi, put in a spectacular, security-busting appearance.

Disguised as "the lady in white" and carrying a white umbrella (picture here), Christ appeared to several Bilderberg guests who were out for a heavily-guarded walk. The group included Erich Schmidt, Franco Bernabè, Ying Fu, Jacob Wallenberg, Thomas Enders, Rory Stewart, Richard Lambert and Peter Mandelson (left in pictures here and here).

The lady in white swept serenely past security without challenge and strode to the front of the Bilderberg walking group. She led the chatting guests through pleasant mountain scenery right into the heart of a group of anti-capitalist activists.

Charlie Skelton of The Guardian newspaper (London - Sunday 12th June 2011) reports that Peter Mandelson was heard to say to his colleagues: "This is terrible."

It has not been disclosed who Christ talked to later.
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