Saturday, 4 February 2012

DEATH myth

You die because ...

In particular, you are perceptually stymied about time. You believe you exist solely within a third dimension to live for a while and then to die. The fatal misconception of the Mentallized Illusion called mortality. In Reality you live within the whole third and fourth dimensional expression but are currently bound within the third dimensional frequencies by default. And you die only because you continually choose to because you steadfastly believe that dying is your only destiny because that is what the Mentallized Illusion constantly tells you it is.
In Reality you are either a fifth dimensional or a seventh dimensional eternal Being who is temporarily third dimensionally interred either by misadventure or as a volunteer, and accepting full responsibility for your condition is the only way out of the internment no matter who you are.
For you, what appears to be the death of an individual is only the prima facie fact that conditions still existed within their outer consciousness expression which were not sufficiently cleared as to require their Soul Atom to discard its outer projection prematurely. If not for the un-cleared conditions, all incarnations would last a thousand years or so as avatar.

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