Sunday, 5 February 2012


This page and this non commercial blog has been created and shared for pure INFORMATIONAL purpose.
This is no medical advice. The informational material contained here is not to replace professional, nutritional and medical advice.
Consult your intuition and health advisor for any health/diet related life style changes.
No one is responsible for your life decisions except yourself. Responsibility and maturity in any personal decision making process is a prerequisite.

Some of the best methods, protocols and products to detox our bodies from heavy metals, fluoride and many other food related damaging toxins.
Sites and resources that offer these products and methods are listed below.

RAW food
EATING for HEALTH is by far the most basic place where all self healing starts. This in itself can rid our bodies of endless toxins, putting us in a highly elevated state of existence, mind body soul, all in one.

Complimentary detox products:
One of the best site in the world for overall wellness products

Syclovir for Fungus removal

Metal D-TOX

For toxins removal

 is an amazing product. It reduces pain, inflammation, is anti bacterial, anti viral, eliminates calcium deposits, and so much more PRODUCTS site

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