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The TRUE nature of sexuality

The TRUE nature of sexuality
The Universal perspective
Like everything else, it can be used to CREATE or destroy.
  • Reflections on Making Love - The Spirituality of Sexuality
The sexual energy is an expression of a spiritual divine energy with a source beyond this physical plane. This energy when channeled appropriately in relationship or transmuted into the higher chakras brings about deep growth, healing as well as alignment with the spiritual vibrations of love and light. Those who use the energy purely for gratification or becoming addicted to it experience sickness, suffering and heartache. Mastery of the transmutation of sexuality brings about enlightenment experiences and the opening of the higher chakras including the higher heart.
Transmuting sexual energy or creating high vibrational relationships calls for us to clean up the sexual channel which is primarily a work of sexual purification as well as a releasing of negative beliefs about sexuality. Sexual purification (in  a vibratory sense as opposed to a religious one) calls for the practice of sexual ethics - refining our sexuality and moving away from expressing it in more coarse ways. Pornography, one night stands and sexual exploitation - including deceiving one into making love under false pretenses all degrade the divine energy and leave us lacking, separated from source and with karmic baggage to clear. Negative conditioning around sexuality also create issues - and this stems particularly from the religious institutions who have portrayed it as bad - sinful - shameful - however this is simply a product of the religious elders being afraid of its sacred power.
Those who purify their hearts embody love and cleanse the sexual karma and attachments discover its deeper divine power. Receiving the deepest healing from this sacred energy can come about through developing an understanding about how to channel this energy into loving union. Appropriately channeled it can bring healing and fusion with Divinity, however without proper discernment and conscious awareness it can cause a lot of emotional suffering and in some cases unwanted children.
The ideal relationship for the channeling in of this sacred energy is one of trust and mutual respect as well as love.  Relationships absent of love and emotional intimacy can embody sexuality but it will not raise the consciousness of the persons very far. Only with the vibration of love supporting the sexual union can the divine vibrations be attained and the associated healing received. Sacred love making also requires sufficient time and space in the relationship for it to be explored lovingly and unhurriedly. If there is no time it is better not to draw in the sexual energy - for it cannot be assimilated or properly experienced in periods of a few minutes. Spaces of several hours are conducive to sacred love making.
Sacred love making is not about orgasm /climax orientated "sex" rather it is the flow of divine energy that flows between two people with open hearts and it can take various forms of expression - and however the making love unfolds - whether it leads to what some people would call "full sex" or not - it is a sacred expression of divine energy. Those that give up the attachment to orgasm orientated sex and instead become receptive to non-goal orientated making love achieve the deepest experience of union - and the most loving and happy one.
Whenever sexual energy comes naturally into a relationship it’s important to acknowledge it and not suppress it. It’s also important not to force anything to happen. All happens in natural timing. There is a phenomenon that can occur when the energy enters a relationship and then one or both of the people are not ready for it. This leads to a situation where it is perceived the making love shouldn't have happened. However it naturally arose and it will be emotional blocks in one or other of the persons that causes the phenomenon.  Attempting to then return to  a previous form of intimacy causes extreme heart chakra discomfort (as the sexual energy will be channeled in with a lot of love energy seeking to find expression) until the underlying emotional blocks are healed and the natural flow of the divine sexuality is then allowed to flow into the relationship again without resistance.
Another point worthy of note is that we are not able to partake in sacred love making until we have resolved all of our issues around previous sexual relationships. There may need to be some forgiveness work done - or we may need to do some work so that we see ourselves worthy of this type of union so we do not reject it when it appears to us. Sexual healing comes from self love, self forgiveness, others forgiveness and feeling good about ourselves and being happy with our body. Sexual healing opens up our hearts and souls on the deepest level and brings us into alignment with the sacred source energy.
love and blessings
Free Spirit

Sexuality, Love, Religion and Spirituality
Dissolving spiritual blockages related to human sexuality may be the most important step forward in improving your most direct God oriented spiritual progress and success toward oneness with God.
Hence God made all - and all is made by God - all is made of love - sexuality and spirituality can never be separated from God.
 God made Humans bi-polar. you may name it sexual, Yin / Yang, male / female or man and women - the meaning and physiology is exactly the same. Love needs to flow and love can only flow in a bi-polar environment. Same as electricity.
Love is the key to God and sexuality a firm part of God-made expression of love on physical level to assist the learning and practicing of love.
The human anatomy and physiology is a direct reflection of spiritual physiology and anatomy. Every organ we see in our physical body has its manifestation in the astral body and causal body as well as in the spiritual bodies - soul and ... beyond - the innermost divine being of each and all of us. Of course human sexuality is made to be a divine expression of love and is the single most direct and single most efficient exchange of love between male and female - between man and woman. Physical sexuality is the playground to learn again does dissolve your ego and fully open to RECEIVE and GIVE all you are offered and all you have to offer. Since you are made to the image of God - your potential in terms of quality, variety and quantify of love to offer is - infinite and any restriction of giving or receiving less than infinite - less than ALL you have - would be a display and proof of still having or keeping EGO. As well as accepting less than all offered to you, rejecting part or all love at any time displays and proves YOUR ego.

Love is the single most important aspect in God's entire creation. Love needs to flow in many ways among all mankind and among mankind and all creation, among humans and between humans and non-humans alike. For all different situations God has created very special ways of loving communications. The ONE very special way of exchanging love among TWO humans of opposite gender is sexuality. Sexuality - even when practiced in the physical body - always includes astral love and spiritual love as well. There is no true direct flow of love possible when suppressing or rejecting direct physical love. If you want to prove true love it always includes sexuality with your partner. That is the way God has created the physiology and anatomy of humans.
 During the past many millennium of separation from God many wrong teachings and philosophies about God have developed
Hence the wrong picture of "sexuality=sin" have appeared. all these WRONG teachings had their roots in the EGO of mankind on earth and are absolutely empty of love and truth.

This is the single most important truth YOU ALL NEED to know and absorb within your hearts.
The before mentioned WRONG teachings have mainly been developed and distributed among the Christian community on this planet - nevertheless such WRONG teachings have lead to huge damage on this planet and much suffering have occurred as a result of such gross mistake in teaching. as a DIRECT result of such WRONG teaching - mainly among the Christian community - hundreds of millions of humans who EVER have incarnated within a Christian culture on this planet during the course of their many previous reincarnation on earth have a DEEP and totally wrong "impression" in their aura - an impression like:
Totally wrong "impression" in the aura and mind
·         sexuality is a sin - hence I AM a sinner
·         sexuality is dirty and bad - hence I AM bad
·         sexuality is a sin - hence i refrain from doing it
·         and if for any reason it "happened" ( for the simple reason because they have been TOO HUNGRY FOR LOVE ) people felt and still feel BAD afterwards instead of enjoying the happiness of true love flowing through them from their partner into them and from them into their partner
Results of wrong religious impressions in humans
As a direct result of hundreds of millions of humans following such extreme WRONG teachings - many severe or even fatal illnesses have developed such as
·         cancer and other problems prostate and testicles in males
·         cancer, tumor and cysts in breast, ovaries and uterus in females - as well as PAINFUL menstruation in general. I true FEMALE and spiritual women NEVER can experience any pain during menstruation. if a women feels such pain - then she has a SEVERE spiritual blockage in her sexual behavior. even severe bleeding during menstruation is only the result of blockages !
The more open a person to God - the more spiritual all aspects of all love life!!
The respect for already written Holy Scriptures has lead to the behavior to never question OLD teachings and to accept the wrong teaching of sexuality as a sin for thousands of years. The story of "Adam" and "Eve" simply is WRONG. While there has been ONE first man - made to the image of God and later on ONE first woman, sexuality NEVER was the cause of mankind's present situation of being separated from God. The descent of mankind as a result of sexuality is WRONG and causes a deep feeling of guilt and "being a sinner" among mankind but very specially among women. it is absolutely wrong to think that God ever made anything just to tempt humans. Everything God ever made is for the joy and happiness of ALL - to be learned and used to make happy and to be happy. However the continuous attachment to old and partially WRONG teachings in regard to sexuality and many other aspects of divine relationship and social behavior has caused the situation we presently encounter on this planet. The FULL potential of infinite creation of God is OPEN to be experienced by all humans - in freedom and with full support and bliss from God
Sweet heavenly love roses - like heavenly sexual love
In the following section we learn:
·         how the metaphysical physiology of the sexuality between men and women can "turn on" and uplift each other
·         the sense of physical sexuality in God's divine plan
·         how your sexual desire and behavior has been influenced by your relationship with your parents during childhood
·         causes of possible problems in our free and harmonious development due to misunderstandings and wrong teachings.
·         causes of disharmonies in sexuality in men and women - such as homosexuality in men and women and transsexuality.
·         how to re-establish holistic harmony between man and women and in all human society and how to refine and improve existing harmony

Sexuality and spirituality

Dissolving spiritual blockages in your sexual behavior thus is one of the greatest steps forward on your spiritual path and may give you the greatest push and uplift.
The divine plan relating to sexuality can be recognized already by looking at the rotation of chakras in male and female bodies. all chakras in a female body rotate the opposite way from same chakras in a male body. if one particular chakra "turns" clockwise in a man - then it "turns" counterclockwise in a woman !
If a man and a woman FACE each other - then all chakras in man and women rotate synchronously - provided both have a similar level of vibration as a result of similar spiritual development. Since they turn synchronously - a free flow and exchange of energy between the two facing partners can occur. Both can influence AND uplift each other with increased flow of LOVE between the two facing partners. They "turn on" each other’s chakras and if they are spiritually advanced - they do this on all levels at the same time - through all chakras simultaneously !
They UPLIFT each other.
This uplifting or "turning on" may happen on all chakras simultaneously or only on one or several chakras. if done in the chakras for sexuality - they are sexually turned on. The opposite is pulling someone DOWN - reducing the partners vibration or blocking the free flow of life force. Such disturbance occurs as a result of extreme disharmony, missing sexual development as a result of missing spiritual orientation and progress in one or both of the partners. the ultimate result is the "need" for such products like Viagra and its many substitutes. Viagra creates on a purely physical level artificially an increased flow in sexual organs - the very same however is done in a very divine and natural way through pure divine LOVE between the two partners. LOVE is infinitely more powerful than Viagra or any other natural or chemical substitute!! If you want to increase your sexual drive you need to improve on your true divine love toward ALL first by reducing your ego in a very scientific way. All needed lessons are given to you in the many chapters of this text.
 Sexual harmony between two partners is vital for creative productivity in all humans! LOVE flowing on ALL levels between two potential partners - on physical level, i.e. astral level, mental/causal level, atmic level (soul) as well as higher levels - is the fire of all driving forces to new action, new adventures in eternal life, exciting gifts of LOVE to all creation and to GOD.
the free flow of LOVE between TWO partners of opposite sex is the ONLY purpose of creating opposite polarities male - female by God.

Two partners - male + female - can be viewed as a basic unit in God's entire creation.

Strong sexual desire
Strong sexual desire may be caused by
·         suppressed own sexuality in your physical relationship resulting in strong sexual fantasies and alternate activities as common in today's modern world - www, sex-chat, phone-sex, pornographic literature, sex movies, masturbation, ... are all but "pressure relief valves" of misguided sexual (love) energy that needs to be re-directed with love into divine channels made by God.
·         missing or reduced opening to accept love in your living partner - hence the flow of love is missing efficiency and needs more attention and more indirect love than a fully open person.

To satisfy the hunger of love by sexuality is never possible - physical love never is enough - it always involves at least some part of ego while being in a physical body - this is at least true and valid for the vast majority at present times on this planet. The spiritual aspect or component of love is the one ultimately creating the true and lasting satisfaction. However physical love and rituals are again but a tool to HELP to dissolve or drop spiritual blockages on the way to TRUE spiritual relationships beyond the physical plane of creation and existence. the hunger for love from any soul is far too great to be satisfied by physical love / sexuality alone - people have to learn to truly open their heart for ALL variations of divine love flowing from their spiritual being into the spiritual being of their partner to satisfy the NEED and hunger of love!
While total oneness with God always satisfies all hunger and need for love - God made a multitude of humans and partners as well with the very same divine potential - as we all are made to the image of God
 Quotes/excerpts from:

“You became aware of the animal reproductive frequencies when you became subject to the matrixes of the animal kingdom three and a half million years ago. The Substance/Energy frequencies for animal mating purposes became interactive with your Intelligence related X Factor principle in you consciousness, setting up the Substance/Energy/X Factor carnal thought imposition known as SEX. Namely your mental X Factor misuse of the Substance/Energy frequencies given to the animal kingdom for their reproduction.
 It was now possible for you to initiate the procreative energies of Scorpio through thought alone. Not possible in animals, though it has started showing up in the behavior of some of the more highly evolved animals through seep contamination upon the original animal kingdom matrixes.
Your new found sex ability led to lustful encounters where the purpose of either party was selfish gratification rather than a loving action together to dissolve static and for regeneration.
The proper non procreation action of an organism is to dissolve static through the balance of the male/female polarities of you and your partner within the action. Which is particularly appropriate to the female responses, whose proper responsibility in a consummation is to dissolve the static in both parties. The proper responsibility of the male in a consummation is to help deliver the responses.
 Because of the short circuit called sex, male/male and female/female attractions could also now be initiated through your mental imagination processes alone. And same-sex attracting came into the picture as yet another serious affliction needing translating. The cross polarizing of male/female frequencies needed to dissolve static through a proper consummation process is absent. Static is increased rather than dissolved.
 Erotic thought stimulation initiated through the processes of imagination also became a possibility and self-gratification became the convenient release. Auto releases within you seriously afflict. The cross-polarization of frequencies stays completely within you, an outright short circuit of your own internal male/female equalization let alone the appalling usurpation upon Substance. Static is again generated rather than dissolved.
 Self-gratification has become one of the foremost sex problems of the present time through the direct imposition of the male against the female frequencies within your own body. Self gratification seriously contaminates the integrity of your own substance frequencies by tearing sensation from it as static, rather than giving to it through the frequencies of love in a proper harmonious male/female relationship to dissolve the static. 'Thou shalt not cast thy seed upon the ground' means exactly what it says. The same is true whether you are a man and a woman.”  http://www.revelatorium.com/Starrgram18.htm

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