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Same sex relationships and Spirituality

Same sex relationships and Spirituality
While by free will, any soul has the Divine birthright to create and learn through personal choices and experiences, it is the ULTIMATE spiritual truth and balance we must all seek.
It’s well known that a soul incarnates many times in various lifeforms and changing genders for gaining a multitude of experiences.
That’s why, sometimes, jumping from one 3D projection (incarnation) to another, many souls get caught up in a gender confusion and its connection to our spiritual sides (our REAL sides). Experiencing back and forth between genders can lead to temporary same sex attractions.
From a temporary EXPERIENCE perspective, this could be looked upon as part of the evolutionary, evolving cycle.
But, it is when this same sex attraction continues for long periods of times and during many incarnations, that our consciousness gets affected and spiritual imbalances with potential consciousness damage could occur. Keeping this particular aspect in hearts and minds can ease off unnecessary, long term spiritual suffering.
Another reason why humans FREQUENTLY translate LOVE into sexuality even when there is no need, it is because the THROAT  CHAKRA which is the COMMUNICATION gate/bridge between our Higher Selves and our 3D projected selves is BLOCKED. Being blocked, Higher, pure Divine Love frequencies cannot GET THROUGH and merge with our LOWER CHAKRAS frequencies. Once we feel LOVE in our HEARTS for SOMEONE, instead of the LOVE frequency to be FREELY CIRCULATING in a balancing flow up and down our chakras systems and connecting to our HIGHER chakras and Self, the LOVE frequency springing in our HEARTS, gets BLOCKED in the THROAT chakra, SHOOTING RIGHT BACK into our LOWER CHAKRAS and being INTERPRETED/confused (translated) as SEXUAL frequencies.
Once our THROAT (Taurus) chakra is BALANCED, we won’t mistaken LOVE FREQUENCIES for SEXUAL frequencies with other people around us. SEXUAL frequencies should be naturally occurring between 2 partners of opposite sex, in PURE DIVINE LOVE commitment to each other. Then and only then, the SEXUAL ENERGIES become SACRED and are very healthy to our mind body spirit.
Also, because human collective planetary and astral consciousness has been hijacked by parasitical entities with endless and hugely unhealthy CARNAL obsessions and perversions, people, through resonance effect, have been TAPPING into the oceanity of carnal obsessions which have occupied LOWER ASTRAL DIMENSSIONS for eons, which have been using HUMAN HOSTS to satisfy their hugely distorted sexual appetites through highly damaging acts to the soul such as pornography, orgies and many other forms of sexual perversion.
Like power, money, fire, sexual energy can also be used to do good or to harm.

The Universal perspective or the BIGGER picture  
20 years ago when I’ve immigrated from Europe to Canada, I’ve worked for 5 years as a banquet hall waitress in the largest hotel restaurants in Toronto such as Westin Harbour Castle, Metro Toronto Convention Center, Hilton, Four Seasons
I’ve worked in many, major events and parties
To this day, I remember how the annual Gay and Lesbian Party was one of the most interesting ones
Those were the days when I’ve first discovered how many AMAZINGLY NICE, FRIENDLY, HIGHLY INTELLIGENT, FUNNY, NON JUDGEMENTAL, EASY TO BE AROUND, the party attendees were.
Up until recently, as much as I’ve tried, like many others, to understand certain aspects of our world and within my past 15 years of being a passionate, independent activist in search for deeper truths and understandings of our world and existence in general, I wasn’t able to come near close to the type of INSIGHTS that found their way within my awareness.
All this has changed when I’ve first read the REVELATORIUM.
Mental, emotional and spiritual sparks were flying high.
Thunderbolts of REVELATIONS that strongly resonated within, were at last transforming the fog of the unknown into Light through understanding and feeling that I’ve FINALY been blessed with a material so powerful for our world, that I’ve decided to share with as many brilliant souls as possible.
As I was putting together this page, I’ve googled “same sex relationships and spirituality” to try to discover similar truths to the ones below.
That’s how I’ve found a few very interesting sites such as the one here

Reading through this site, I’ve had the inner confirmation that this page that I’ve created is much needed and could be a vital blessing for many beautiful souls in need of awakening and healing.
This is how vital and truly important the revelation of ultimate Divine truths has become. Because things got distorted in very unhealthy ways for the soul’s long term wellbeing and countless other souls are being guided in a direction that ultimately it will take lots of spiritual damage control instead of using consciousness damage prevention.
To them, this page is being dedicated, with Divine sisterhood.

Same sex relations
Like everything else, it can be used to CREATE or destroy.

 Quotes/excerpts from:
“You became aware of the animal reproductive frequencies when you became subject to the matrixes of the animal kingdom three and a half million years ago. The Substance/Energy frequencies for animal mating purposes became interactive with your Intelligence related X Factor principle in you consciousness, setting up the Substance/Energy/X Factor carnal thought imposition known as SEX. Namely your mental X Factor misuse of the Substance/Energy frequencies given to the animal kingdom for their reproduction.
 It was now possible for you to initiate the procreative energies of Scorpio through thought alone. Not possible in animals, though it has started showing up in the behavior of some of the more highly evolved animals through seep contamination upon the original animal kingdom matrixes.
Your new found sex ability led to lustful encounters where the purpose of either party was selfish gratification rather than a loving action together to dissolve static and for regeneration.
The proper non procreation action of an organism is to dissolve static through the balance of the male/female polarities of you and your partner within the action. Which is particularly appropriate to the female responses, whose proper responsibility in a consummation is to dissolve the static in both parties. The proper responsibility of the male in a consummation is to help deliver the responses.
 Because of the short circuit called sex, male/male and female/female attractions could also now be initiated through your mental imagination processes alone. And same-sex attracting came into the picture as yet another serious affliction needing translating. The cross polarizing of male/female frequencies needed to dissolve static through a proper consummation process is absent. Static is increased rather than dissolved.
 Erotic thought stimulation initiated through the processes of imagination also became a possibility and self-gratification became the convenient release. Auto releases within you seriously afflict. The cross-polarization of frequencies stays completely within you, an outright short circuit of your own internal male/female equalization let alone the appalling usurpation upon Substance. Static is again generated rather than dissolved.
 Self-gratification has become one of the foremost sex problems of the present time through the direct imposition of the male against the female frequencies within your own body. Self gratification seriously contaminates the integrity of your own substance frequencies by tearing sensation from it as static, rather than giving to it through the frequencies of love in a proper harmonious male/female relationship to dissolve the static. 'Thou shalt not cast thy seed upon the ground' means exactly what it says. The same is true whether you are a man and a woman.”  http://www.revelatorium.com/Starrgram18.htm

Same sex relationships
In science is being known that in order to CREATE electricity, you need OPPOSITE polarities: + -
 In spirituality, we know about yin yang
In Asian philosophy, the concept of yin yang, which is often referred to in the West as "yin and yang", is used to describe how polar opposites or seemingly contrary forces are interconnected and interdependent in the natural world, and how they give rise to each other in turn. Opposites thus only exist in relation to each other. The concept lies at the origins of many branches of classical Chinese science and philosophy, as well as being a primary guideline of traditional Chinese medicine,[1] and a central principle of different forms of Chinese martial arts and exercise, such as baguazhang, taijiquan (t'ai chi), and qigong (Chi Kung) and of I Ching divination. Many natural dualities—e.g. dark and light, female and male, low and high, cold and hot, water and fire, air and earth— are thought of as manifestations of yin and yang (respectively).
  Yin and Yang must be in balance

The ancient Chinese YIN-YANG scholars believed that three are two natural, complementary and contradictory forces in our universe. The scholars named them as YIN and YANG. YIN represents the female, negative, darkness, softness, moisture, night-time, even numbers and docile aspects of things. YANG represents the male, positive, brightness, hardness, dryness, day-time. Odd numbers and dominant aspects. YIN and YANG are continually in the state of flux and always looking for the BALANCE point. One moves, the other responses. Therefore, ancient scholars treated this natural phenomenon as a natural   universal law.  http://www.chinesefortunecalendar.com/5ebasic.htm

“Creation is Intelligently designed. You are currently unfamiliar with the workings of the design because you are currently unfamiliar with the principles of Reality. Reality is the nine hundred trillion light year across Universe your Soul Atom sees on the other side of the veil. The Revelatorium is about Reality.

In traditional theology the Holy Trinity is Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.  In Reality the Holy Trinity is Father, Son/Daughter, and Mother. 'As above so below'. The Father and Mother always were, the Son/Daughter were begat. The Father and Mother are known in Reality as Alpha and Omega.”  

Based on http://www.revelatorium.com/  Jesus and Mary Magdalene side by side as twin flames (son/daughter principle of Creation or yin/yang which are perfect mirrors of father/mother aspect of creation, present in equal balance/harmony in EVERY soul), being the  ADMINISTRATORS FOR OUR LOCAL UNIVERSE, came TOGETHER here to ANCHOR THE NEW DNA UPGRADING FREQUENCIES FOR HUMAN RACE, in preparation for the CURRENT ascension times  (http://www.revelatorium.com/)
a must read book for every soul on this planet...
about Jesus and Mary Magdalene...is being said that NOTHING is being feared more by the dark powers to have been than a STRONG, powerful, LOVE bond between a MAN and a WOMAN, in total LOVE and harmony...is being known that THIS kind of energetic bond is indestructible...highly balanced in consciousness, BOTH aspects of our very FATHER/MOTHER creators parents, such balanced union can literally perform miracles...
this is why it becomes hugely important to also help other amazing souls trapped in same sex relationships to discover THIS SPIRITUAL/energetic aspect to this...
which goes far deeper at consciousness and spiritual well being level, long run...sure, experiences for learning purposes are normal but they should be short and not prolonged lifetime after lifetime...
Fusing YIN/YIN and YANG/YANG energies create dangerous STATIC, disharmonious,  PARASITICAL energies which are debilitating to the SOUL and consciousness, if experienced frequent/long term...
SURE we're much better off casually dating someone of opposite sex with whom TRUST has been developed and gentle, friendly, trusting intimacy can take place, IF we haven't met YET our twin flame, soul mate or a more suitable partner of opposite sex
than replacing the ENERGY POLARITY with an identical  YIN or YANG, same like us which is damaging our consciousness/energy soul matrix...
once the situation is being presented in this light, it can transform into INSTANT awakening, remembering and understanding of such NATURAL, UNIVERSAL truths and laws
yet many amazing souls cannot see it until someone brings it to the surface
it is in NATURE everywhere...it takes a YIN and a YANG polarity to PROCREATE...
it takes BOTH opposite polarities of + and – to create ELECTRICITY
to expand life in the Universe...

sure, there are so many SAME SEX amazing loving partners who may love eachother more than many opposite sex, polarity based partners and it certainly seems like LOVE in ANY FORM is better  than NO LOVE at all…
many same sex partners NURTURE AN ADOPTED CHILD with FAR MORE LOVE than many opposite sex parents…
the YIN YANG connection on PHYSICAL level does not guarantee EXPRESSION of DIVINITY and ethical, moral human character
eventually, these are serious spiritual matters to be considered and pondered on by each of us, for it is our very own spiritual path
LOVE in ANY and EVERY form is better than abuse BUT, there is a big catch to that too, because it can do lots of subtle, unseen, and unaware of, damage to the very fabric of our YIN YANG energy consciousness...that's why 2 beings (animals and humans alike) of the SAME SEX cannot naturally procreate...
and so, if in the Universe EVERYONE will mix with identical polarities, LIFE will go extinct...
SINCE 2 FEMALES and 2 MALES cannot conceive life
This TRUTH has always been there, in the open, hidden in front of our very eyes
IN FACT, LIFE could've never been CREATED to begin with, between YIN/YIN...YANG/YANG polarities...EACH of them, needs to eventually become EQUALLY PRESENT in each soul in order to continue to spiritually expand

One of the main reasons WHY the CHURCH has DELIBERATELY HIDDEN the fact that BOTH JESUS and MARY MAGDALENE have PREACHED SIDE BY SIDE as SON/DAUGHTER perfect expression of FATHER/MOTHER or APLHA/OMEGA or YIN/YANG or INTELLIGENCE/FEELINGS or WILL/DESIRE or +/- aspects of Creation was because
the church wanted to SUPPRESS FEMALE ENERGY(mother/substance/feelings) ASPECT of Creation since the church KNEW that a STRONG, DIVINELY LOVING, PERFECTLY BALANCED man/woman relationship  cannot serve the dark side agenda of introducing SOLELY the MALE, DOMINANT ASPECT in order to control the world
to ONLY allow the FATHER/MALE/INTELLECT aspect of creation to TAKE OVER the world (aka political leaders, man dominated high power positions, etc) which only took the world at almost brink of destruction via wars and EGO driven decisions...
and this all ties in with the AGE OLD FEMALE/MOTHER/FEELINGS/SUBSTANCE Creation aspect energy suppression
to prohibiting the access of FEMALES in certain religions altars and prayer spaces
to separating the MALES from FEMALES in various cultures and religions
making the FEMALE look like the ROOT CAUSE of all things gone wrong in our world

this is why MOST major religions prayers, HARDLY make any references at MOTHER the CREATOR and only to FATHER and the SON
aka: In the name of the FATHER, the SON and HOLY GHOST
with no MOTHER and DAUGHTER references
then WHERE IS MOTHER from world's major prayers?
If GOD, CREATOR was ONLY A MALE, HOW could have HE created ALONE?
And, if GOD, CREATOR was ONLY A FEMALE, HOW could have SHE created ALONE?

well...you’re hopefully starting to pierce through the veil by now…
it doesn't take much effort to figure out that similarly, a HUMAN  FATHER ALONE cannot CREATE LIFE on HIS OWN
nor a MALE or FEMALE animal from ANY specie
nor a ++ or - - to create ELECTRICITY
it takes BOTH to CREATE, in every way, all the time with no exception

The FATHER’s seeds with MOTHER’s eggs, fertilizing the WOMB of Creation
As above, so below
One cannot exist nor create without the other
LIFE would not be possible with SAME polarities
this is a tiny sketch of the big picture of how and why things went astray in creation in lower dimensional worlds...
in http://www.revelatorium.com/  MUCH of this is being expanded on...

Sweet heavenly love roses - like heavenly sexual love
In the following section we learn:
·         how the metaphysical physiology of the sexuality between men and women can "turn on" and uplift each other
·         the sense of physical sexuality in God's divine plan
·         how your sexual desire and behavior has been influenced by your relationship with your parents during childhood
·         causes of possible problems in our free and harmonious development due to misunderstandings and wrong teachings.
·         causes of disharmonies in sexuality in men and women - such as homosexuality in men and women and transsexuality.
·         how to re-establish holistic harmony between man and women and in all human society and how to refine and improve existing harmony
Sexuality and spirituality
Dissolving spiritual blockages in your sexual behavior thus is one of the greatest steps forward on your spiritual path and may give you the greatest push and uplift.
The divine plan relating to sexuality can be recognized already by looking at the rotation of chakras in male and female bodies. all chakras in a female body rotate the opposite way from same chakras in a male body. if one particular chakra "turns" clockwise in a man - then it "turns" counterclockwise in a woman !
If a man and a women FACE each other - then all chakras in man and women rotate synchronously - provided both have a similar level of vibration as a result of similar spiritual development. since they turn synchronously - a free flow and exchange of energy between the two facing partners can occur. both can influence AND uplift each other with increased flow of LOVE between the two facing partners. they "turn on" each others chakras and if they are spiritually advanced - they do this on all levels at the same time - through all chakras simultaneously !
They UPLIFT each other.
This uplifting or "turning on" may happen on all chakras simultaneously or only on one or several chakras. if done in the chakras for sexuality - they are sexually turned on. the opposite is pulling someone DOWN - reducing the partners vibration or blocking the free flow of life force. such disturbance occurs as a result of extreme disharmony, missing sexual development as a result of missing spiritual orientation and progress in one or both of the partners. the ultimate result is the "need" for such products like Viagra and its many substitutes. Viagra creates on a purely physical level artificially an increased flow in sexual organs - the very same however is done in a very divine and natural way through pure divine LOVE between the two partners. LOVE is infinitely more powerful than Viagra or any other natural or chemical substitute !! If you want to increase your sexual drive you need to improve on your true divine love toward ALL first by reducing your ego in a very scientific way. all needed lessons are given to you in the many chapters of this text.
 Sexual harmony between two partners is vital for creative productivity in all humans ! LOVE flowing on ALL levels between two potential partners - on physical level, i.e. astral level, mental/causal level, atmic level (soul) as well as higher levels - is the fire of all driving forces to new action, new adventures in eternal life, exciting gifts of LOVE to all creation and to GOD.
the free flow of LOVE between TWO partners of opposite sex is the ONLY purpose of creating opposite polarities male - female by God.
Two partners - male + female - can be viewed as a basic unit in God's entire creation.

ALL in God's entire creation is made to love and hence has a meaning of love ! all physical creation as well serves the sole and only purpose of LEARNING and improving our love in all situations toward all creation and creatures. God's creation is the playground for his beloved divine children to grow up and mature to be one day adult children made to the image of God.
for the same reason also sexuality serves this divine purpose of teaching us divine love toward our eternal partner. to do so we need to reduce our ego step by step - sometimes in changing incarnations - male / female depending on how we accept our role and lessons offered in a particular incarnation. most humans here on earth have made hundreds of incarnations more and more away from God and have developed a highly complex and hard-core ( stubborn ) EGO.
first of all we need to fully accept our present situation we have incarnated into ! we either are in a male or female body and a very substantial part of the elementary lessons of THIS present incarnation is to LOVE our present polarity !!!!!
the next step is to question ALL of our present innermost tendencies to DESIRE / long / fear / reject / suppress whatever. our present situation is the very best and MOST LOVING solution for each of us for the sum of OUR own karma and tendencies and "imprints" and the result any emotional / spiritual "injuries" we carry along from present and previous incarnations. only by fully accepting our present situation in a neutral - questioning - but loving way can we find solutions of love OUT of any possible spiritual death-end path in our spiritual life. our daily life in our present culture with all its possibilities that this situation offers us - will provide all necessary loving lessons and situations of love to improve and make necessary changes to further progress toward our spiritual goal of oneness with God.
observe yourself from a neutral position. observe your sexual behavior, games, and tendencies or blockages. before you can dissolve anything in love you first need to fully accept in and ultimately absorb it in your innermost divine being to surrender it to God. your neutral observation of all your present sexual behavior will show you your true attitude toward a substantial part of God's creation. if you reject for example your very own sexuality - of course you reject at the same time the sexuality of the opposite sex as well. to make a full and precise assessment of your present sexual situation YOU need to be fully truthful and sincere toward YOURSELF ! it is YOU who has to accept the present situation and even if your true present situation NEEDS a drastic change or modification in a given NEW direction - YOU need first to find out and accept your present true situation and attitude before being able to make changes. you may NEED to accept that for what ever reason a part - even a very substantial part or in the "worst" of all situations ALL of your sexual behavior may be totally WRONG from the ABSOLUTE point of view - the absolute point of view meaning the TRUE and absolute meaning of God's intentions when he created us the way HE wanted us to be. may be YOUR understanding of his intentions are different from his true and eternal intentions ?? hence it is YOU and never God who needs to adapt. you may have to change more or less of your present behavior until you truly ARE and behave to the image of God.
whatever the result of your true and sincere assessment of YOUR present sexual attitude and behavior - God always loves you and always WILL love you whatever you do or have done or WILL do - even if you made or make or plan to make another "mistake" - God will always rich out his loving "hand" toward you to help and assist you in all possible and most loving ways whenever you are truly ready to accept his spiritual guidance - from WITHIN or from outside sources. God knows and uses many ways to help and guide you toward the God-intended loving behavioral patterns that allow you to be happy and ultimately return HOME to your eternal home in God's world of love - home to true and eternal oneness with God. all the lessons and situations and persons God guides into your present life are intended to help you to drop blockages, to heal blockages, to question "wrong" spiritually disturbing behavioral patterns, to question imprinted "wrong" knowledge or intentions and to help you to fully become aware of the NEED to make adjustments and eventually to grow YOUR readiness to accept physical OR spiritual guidance on your path of love to God. the more you can neutrally question everything you "know" the easier it is for God to guide you in a more and more loving way on your path of love and the easier it is for God to guide you DIRECTLY from within without any further assistance from other humans or even from guru. however all other humans around YOU serve the purpose of YOU learning to apply and practice your learned lessons of love and to receive physical feedback from all your persons you ever get in contact with. if you truly progress - then you find less and less people who disagree with you and more and more people who enjoy your loving presence and your silent love or even your spiritual advice and help.
learn to accept love in your physical body - learn to accept SPIRITUAL love while being IN A physical body or better while using a physical body. your physical body is a temple of God and needs to be flooded with utmost divine love again and again - such however requires that YOU can accept and love your present body - that you FEEL yourself love worthy - lovable !!! if you fail to feel or consider yourself lovable - HOW then could anyone else including God love you - because your full acceptance of BEING love worthy / lovable the way you are right now creates the true and ultimate opening for divine love coming from God and from all others as well.
once you have successfully accomplished to fully accept love in your physical body as well - including sweet divine love FROM God - you start to develop your spiritual being more and more and uplift your love and all energy including your sexual energy and turn all your sexual love into a true divine spiritual love. in your spiritual being WITHOUT a physical body you still become ONE with your partner AND of course with God - this is far more that physical sexuality here on earth - however it is the direct higher development level of physical sexuality. spiritual love toward ALL means fully loving all and fully accepting love from all - and such is your innermost God-made image - for eternity.
while humans as long as having a physical body you may always practice physical love to some extent - but at the same time and with increased / improved spiritual progress you may step by step replace physical sex with spiritual "sex" - i.e. divine love - without rejecting or suppressing anything at all. divine spiritual love is nothing else but the most direct spiritual development of uplifted physical love. such divine love flowing between two partners of opposite "polarities" ( sex ) will far more than replace the previous step. if will be far more satisfying than physical love and will more and more lead into true divine love toward all that can be felt across continents, across planets, across the entire creation. such as true divine love and spiritual guidance from ALL the great saints can be felt with or without them having a physical body - provided YOU are fully open to receive their love and guidance.
if YOU have successfully and lovingly accomplished ALL your physical lessons - including all lessons of love / sexuality - then you are ready to proceed to the next step of spiritual development and if you are an active God-seeker and fully devoted to God and LOVE - such steps CAN be made within one single incarnation until the very end - until full and complete total ONENESS with God as
God is Love, such love also includes - God is grace and mercy
hence all remaining karma can at some point of your development be totally absorbed and dissolved in the fire of divine love provided that you truly and sincerely are ready to LOVE and to learn to love in all situations as well as to forgive all and ask for forgiveness from all.
any suppression or rejection or fear of a present particular physical or spiritual condition you may carry within your present incarnation and ego may however be a serious obstacle on your path to God and create spiritual, emotional, mental or physical stress to you resulting finally in extreme behavioral disorders, or manifestations of multiple personalities or even result in severe physical illness.
Strong sexual desire
Strong sexual desire may be caused by
·         suppressed own sexuality in your physical relationship resulting in strong sexual fantasies and alternate activities as common in today's modern world - www, sex-chat, phone-sex, pornographic literature, sex movies, masturbation, ... are all but "pressure relief valves" of misguided sexual (love) energy that needs to be re-directed with love into divine channels made by God.
·         missing or reduced opening to accept love in your living partner - hence the flow of love is missing efficiency and needs more attention and more indirect love than a fully open person.

to satisfy the hunger of love by sexuality is never possible - physical love never is enough - it always involves at least some part of ego while being in a physical body - this is at at least true and valid for the vast majority at present times on this planet. the spiritual aspect or component of love is the one ultimately creating the true and lasting satisfaction. however physical love and rituals are again but a tool to HELP to dissolve or drop spiritual blockages on the way to TRUE spiritual relationships beyond the physical plane of creation and existence. the hunger for love from any soul is far to great to be satisfied by physical love / sexuality alone - people have to learn to truly open their heart for ALL variations of divine love flowing from their spiritual being into the spiritual being of their partner to satisfy the NEED and hunger of love!
while total oneness with God always satisfies all hunger and need for love - God made a multitude of humans and partners as well with the very same divine potential - as we all are made to the image of God

The TRUE nature of sexuality

The Electrifying Power of Man-Woman Balance

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