Sunday, 4 March 2012



Just as Dr. Emoto has proven how our words, intents and actions or non actions can physically alter matter, is time to discover WHAT ELSE we are capable of

Как стереть облака?/How to erase clouds?

CLEARING CLOUD GAME is a game of  the 21st century. It is meant to be convinced what the force of consciousness is. The process of the game is a kind of meditation; There are no rules, but emotional enthusiasm, sense of joy and harmony, the unity of everything surrounding are guaranteed. These emotions stay forever in the soul of each person, who once experienced the state “I have done it!”, “I have succeeded!”, “Yes, it is possible!” Just these feelings are the main point of the game.

Natural Mystery, Episode 4: Extra Sensory Mind
in PART 3, we can learn through SCIENCE how our NEGATIVE/SKEPTIC mind set PHYSICALLY INFLUENCES AN OUTCOME of an EXPERIMENT on HUMAN PSYCHE and also how a closed/negative mind set influences our reality
therefore, in anything we do, for those who are prone to skepticism and negativity, GENUINE NEUTRALITY is  best if POSITIVITY is not possible yet :-)

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