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Message from 2022

Message from 2022
My 2022 channeled message has been deeply inspired by my friend Richart Llover ’s (the HEART CHAKRA PAINTER) own channeled message
Message from 2013

And so, this is the message that came through, from our future we are co-creating now and every moment through our thoughts, intents, desires, words and deeds

By year 2022, this is how life has become on planet Earth…
Wars are long obsolete, since the 2012 World Liberation Movement (rEVOLution)

Governments as we know it have been replaced by new forms of people owned federations with equal vote rights on collective important decisions.
No one is president anymore
Councils made of multiple members who oversee the entire country federation who in turn oversee CITY SUBfederations who in turn oversee TOWN FEDERATIONS DOWN TO THE SMALLEST communities are SELF GOVERNED by people of all countries in the world with galactic assistance, on the same design system.

The WORLD’s FEDERATION, overseeing the entire planet, is formed by an equal and mixed # of Galactic civilizations nations members and humans who are now have also become members of the GALACTIC STARR NATIONS FEDERATION OF LIGHT.

Mother Earth’ WATERS, LANDS and AIR are being highly effective cleaned of toxic waste and her deep wounds are being healed by billions of us through thousands of brilliant programs and spiritual methods both of planetary and Universal provenience.

ORGONITE is being widely used to continue to clear our waters and lands.
EMF pollution has been eliminated by replacing the old, destructive WIFI technologies with NEW technologies introduced by our galactic families, friends and partners which are far more reliable and with absolute zero electro pollution effect.
All plastic has been converted back into oil and returned in a natural original state from where it was taken until the 2012 World rEVOLution.
Plastic fabrication and use has been replaced by ECO, 100% biodegradable materials.

Fossil fuels are no longer used. Free (magnetic) energy has replaced all of the old outdated energy systems, developed and maintained by highly spiritual responsible beings which are also highly technical skilled.

Borders between countries are no more and each human living on planet Earth has received a WORLD CITIZEN PASSPORT (or GAIA passport) with unlimited freedom to travel anytime anywhere in the world.
Each Gaia citizen has also received a GALACTIC passport with freedom to travel anytime anywhere throughout Galaxy.

The outdated modes of transportation used until 2012 have been gradually replaced by antigravitational craft which can safely and rapidly take us from/to anywhere on Earth within an hour time.

Aerial transportation has become the main type of transportation.
Road transportation is being done through free energy driverless auto piloted cars.
All old airplanes have been recycled and only a few have been kept in each country museum as a historical relic.

Ex world armies, both active during 2012 and inactive, have agreed to participate in the WORLD PHYSICAL REBUILDING program which implements the rebuilding of infrastructure and buildings of every country starting with the ones which were most severely damaged due to the wars in the past.

Very old buildings have been replaced with new ones.

The ex military personnel have undergone major spiritual and psychological healing as well as training with our galactic programs of becoming WORLD PEACE KEEPERS.
WORLD PEACE KEEPERS also includes each and every single ex- police member who has also retrained from the old fighting the crimes to maintaining the peace.

Violence on planet Earth has ceased a few years back and all imprisoned people throughout the world have also undergone extended spiritual and psychological healing programs.

All jail buildings have been demolished, the area thoroughly cleaned with orgonite for the old static energy to be transmuted and replaced with trees and flowers gardens.
The ex prisoners have accepted to participate in a new and very exciting program which has created a very special healing space center. The healing space center for each city in every country in the world is located on a large agricultural land with a large building in the middle.
Based on the ANASTASIA book movement successful experience prior to 2012, each ex-prisoner has received a land plot to be used for building his own house and cultivate the land with organic produce which is to be sold through the local markets. Their immediate family has also moved on the land with each of them.
The healing and educational center is within the building located in the center of the large land areas surrounded by the individual lots of all ex-prisoners of a particular old jail.
Everybody lives full time on the premises and upon full rehabilitation and reevaluation, each becomes free to integrate into the world at large but in most cases, they choose to remain in their now specially created spaces of Love and Healing, as a community which plays a major role to the world healing.
This program has been offered to and accepted by the armies of the world, ex police personnel and animal farmers for karmic reasons and purposes.

Animal farms have been replaced by animal sanctuaries.
Artificial breeding programs has ceased.
With no more artificial, excessive breeding programs, during the following 10 years, all animals who were imprisoned by 2012 have been rescued and received their much needed space of healing among the tens of thousands of animal sanctuaries throughout the world built and are maintained by the ex animal farmers in cooperation with millions of volunteers and which function based on old world and new galactic farm sanctuary programs.

Since the earth is expanding, there is now more and more land available for these projects and for gifting each Gaia citizen with their own owned 1-3 acres lots.
Meat/dairy/eggs eating for those fewer and fewer people who still desire to consume it is only possible through the meat analogue (alternative) PLANT BASED replacements and vegan dairy alternatives until the addiction wears off more and more and one doesn't crave low vibrational dead foods and returns to high vibrational foods such as fruits, vegetables, whole grains, seeds and nuts.
Thousands of healing centers to help those addicted to meat and dairy are spread throughout the world with specialized personnel trained through galactic special programs. Spiritual and related emotional, mental and physical healings are used to help the patients.
Fishing and hunting have become obsolete. All world’s forests are being inhabited by Earth Peace Keepers who oversee that no being is being hunted. All world’s oceans, seas, lakes and rivers are being looked after by Earth Keepers and Guardians.
Guns have been abolished and the Peace Keepers are to be using only galactic, sonic, high frequency tools and methods, to disable, in seldom cases, should the odd aggressor would strike within the newly forming peaceful societies.

People of the world for most part, consume now organic fruits, vegetables (both old and new types introduced by our galactic friends and families on our planet), grains, nuts seeds and herbs and related juices and nectars. Traditional farming and agricultural practices become more and more obsolete, as our planet's soil is being freed, to regrow her natural eco systems. Our food is being temporarely grown through GEODESIC GREENHOUSES but more and more provided through the FOOD REPLICATORS.
ANASTASIA model gardening plots/communities are springing my millions worldwide.

The concept of MOTHER EARTH OFFERED FOOD vs the LIFE TAKEN “food” has finally made in within each human consciousness inhabiting Gaia, due to tireless volunteer and passionate work of hundreds of thousands of vegan volunteers through the many pioneered vegan movements who were born shortly prior to 2012 in our world and with inspired new programs through our new galactic membership.

Ex animal farmers are now vegetables farmers and the ex slaughterhouse workers after receiving massive spiritual, emotional and mental healing are now working on the farm vegetables.

Ex- slaughterhouse workers and also ex animal farmers are also volunteering much of their free time, for karmic healing, at FARM ANIMALS SANCTUARIES, providing food and cleaning services to the resident animals.

Fast food/drive-through restaurants have been replaced by Slow food Raw vegan drive-through eateries.

The world’s deserts are now green, due to special new irrigation systems technologies which started as pet projects back in 2010 and which have spread throughout the world in a few short years.
Endless varieties of fruits and vegetables are now being grown in the green old deserts by the local residents.
Sanctuaries for the work animals such as camels and donkeys have also been created all throughout Middle East with volunteers who lovingly take good care of them, nurturing them back to health, freedom and joy.

The coldest climates areas on the planet provide now special living and eating conditions for humans who have chosen to remain in these colder climates without any form of cruelty involved. FURS and MEATS have been replaced by clothing made of special thermic natural materials and year round fresh, organic produce is being provided through special geodesic greenhouses.

The local people inhabiting the colder climates take regular vacation at the tropics but prefer to return “home” where they grew up accustomed and where they are able to continue to do ENERGY WORK for the planet, as in the past.

As the planetary frequency increases, eventually, cold climates are returning to their ORIGINAL TROPICAL PRISTINE conditions and the entire planet will have an all year round SPRING LIKE season environment.

Each and every single zoo, marine park, aquatic center, circus, animal lab experiment, pet stores and animal breeding places, fur, leather and feathers factory has been replaced by equal ANIMALS SANCTUARIES where all ex imprisoned beings receive much needed healing and where needed and possible, returned back into the wild, natural, original environments.

Carnivorous and omnivorous animals have been transported into another place within our galaxy where they too receive much needed spiritual healing, to return to their ORIGINAL non carnivorous state, before their DNA has been altered and manipulated by the ex powers to have been on planet Earth, also known as “illuminati”.

The Earth surface is now only inhabited by non carnivorous beings in animal forms, just like our INNER EARTH, AGARTHIAN animals.

All throughout the world, HEALING centers for humans have also been created and with the help of old, suppressed energy medicine as well as through new healing modalities introduced by our galactic family and friends, ALL cancer, HIV has been cured as well as all other diseases in between.
After 2012, allopathic medicine and hospitals only use has been to tend to severe damaged health situations and now, hospitals are only used for emergency situations such as very rare accidents.
All allopathic doctors have been offered retraining programs specializing in ALTERNATIVE, NATURAL and PREVENTIVE healing and SELF HEALING arts using ENERGY MEDICINE, FOOD MEDICINE and other new methods introduced on our planet by our galactic partners.

There are fewer and fewer hospitals which are being replaced by HEALING CENTERS.

The old square, rectangular architecture on planet Earth has been replaced by a new, eco, sacred geometry galactic inspired type with only round, oval, hexagonal and pyramidal type shapes which are ideal for feng shui or the harmonious, unobstructed flow of cosmic energy.

High density, old urban and unhealthy places of living have transformed into huge modern cities, with ample green spaces, waterfalls and fountains, fruit trees and flower gardens, all around the new architectural buildings.
Residential and commercial buildings and their apartments have lots of square footage and large windows.

Noise pollution has been replaced by silent free energy cars.
Soothing, uplifting music is playing during waking hours throughout the cities via buildings discreet, build in speakers.

Everyone smiles. Constantly.

Many people have chosen to move on the land, taking their 1-3 acres gifted land and built with eco friendly natural materials their own homes with their own hands with their own designs and with help from fellow volunteers among the increasing communities forming around fields, forests, lakes and mountains.
On the land, each family has also built their own geodesic greenhouse where all year round, fresh organic natural can be produced, including tropical fruit.

Since corporations have been neutralized, no one works the 9-5  or 12-24 type shift work.
New and extremely exciting programs offer training and upgrades in whatever skill, passion and hobby each human has, and is naturally being drawn to and who desires to further develop and offer to the new society her/his special talent.
There is a single world currency called GAIA and is being backed up by precious metals.
Banks are being managed by their own world citizens investors and pay generous “interest” to those who keep their funds within it, which are reinvested into WORLD HEALING and REBUILDING projects.
Everyone contributes with 20 hours/week in whatever field they are specialized in, to the greatest good of the WHOLE.

The word MORTGAGE is not in use anymore, since all houses have been built with ABUNDANCE PROSPERITY funds received after 2012 by each GAIA citizen and also with our own hands and with community volunteer programs.
Each household is powered by FREE ENERGY and FREE of CHARGE.

Daily spa programs are being offered for free to all humans on planet earth with a variety of massages and natural healing therapies.

Huge natural settings playgrounds for children and adults alike have generously been created alongside communities, with swings of all sizes, salt water swimming pools with waves, rocking chairs, hammocks, yoga practicing spaces, huge bonfire pits, large star gazing telescopes, dance and concerts areas, food areas.
Weekly community beach and fields dance parties and concerts have become part of our regular lives.

Forests have now mini spots where people can retreat, meditate and interact with nature as often as they need and desire. Which is all the time.
1 month vacations are taken every 3 months.
People choose to travel and take vacations both on our planet but also on neighboring planets whose inhabitants are now more and more familiar to us, as part of our bigger and bigger circle of Galactic Federation of Light.
We exchange cultural traits and learn from one another.
Soon, galactic parties and concerts will become a normal part of our lives.
Old schools buildings and areas have been replaced by sport centers.
The NEW schools (for both children and adults) have been created in NATURAL settings and environments with new galactic inspired buildings, and with outdoor areas where most classes are being taught.

Recreational spaces where animals, plant life and humans can interact, are part of each school in the world, based on the S.O.U.L.  Academy principles, established in 2012.  
S.O.U.L. Academy

Each and every single outdated subject matter taught in the old school system has been amply replaced by old suppressed sciences and true planetary  history as well as new science, spirit, nature, arts, as well as galactic, Universal history learning programs.

Astral travel, Quantum Jumping, Levitation and Teleportation are being reintroduced in our new planetary and galactic school systems.

Religion has been replaced by spirituality and old churches have transformed into spiritual centers where people gather for weekly group meditations and spiritual arts advancement programs.
With the help of galactic methods and programs, humans are now able to tap into the unused 95% of our brains and learn very fast new subjects, languages, both earthly and galactic.
We now have many programs through our galactic partners who help humans awaken dormant and develop new ESP capacities and to develop new and equally responsible spiritual gifts.

Animal communicating centers have also established throughout the world, teaching the art of human animal telepathic communication languages.

We are also being reintroduced to the art of TREES and PLANTS communication with help from our Earth elementals whom we can now frequently see, interact and learn to communicate with.

Each continent and main geographical areas have become a key element in world contributions:
Africa, part of Asia (Himalayan region), Central (Mexico) and South America (Peru) have become the world’s ANCIENT CULTURAL centers where suppressed ancient spiritual arts and cultures are being shared with the world.

North America has become a popular spot for European and Asian vacationers, offering cottage summer and winter sport retreats within its vast natural spaces and numerous lakes where ancient NATIVE INDIAN culture and spirituality is being shared with the world.

Europe has become the classical as well as Nouveaux  Conscious Spiritual arts cultural center of the world based on the pioneering works of the HEART CHAKRA PAINTER Richart Llover whose healing painting artwork has been first introduced to the world in 2005.

Also, Europe has also become the world’s official DANCE PARTY CONTINENT with the world’s LARGEST OUTDOOR DANCE PARTIES within natural surroundings based on the  ground breaking party model pioneered before 2012 by the Conscious DJ Nikos Avrikos whose 528  and 432 Hz frequency infused music has started a music revolution in Europe, before the 2012 world rEVOLution.

Both these conscious artists partnership in what has started as the TOUCHED BY ART project is being now practiced worldwide.


Australia and New Zeeland are world’s WATER VACATIONS where boating and windsurfing passionate can enjoy the vastness of water body of our Earth. Also, VULCANIC HOT SPRINGS natural spas vacations are also popular in New Zeeland.

The ISLANDS of HAWAII have become the SPIRITUAL HEALING CENTER of our world since they represent the EARTH CHAKRA and also the BLUEPRINT for the WORLD’s GARDEN OF EDEN which is the original, natural, pristine conditioned planetary state.

All other tropical islands have transformed into HEALING and EDUCATION CENTERS for MARINE LIFE where people of the world can travel and learn about the WATER MAMMALS and LIFE.

COSTA RICA has become the world’s largest BIO DIVERSITY ENVIRONMENTAL center for learning.

In our newly forming world, COLLABORATION is replacing COMPETITION.
ALL music is being measured with special frequency tools introduced by our galactic partners, families and friends, in order to allow only HEALTHY frequencies sounds to permeate our world, prior to being released for public enjoyment.
Low energy vibrations through music are no longer compatible with the new system.

All of the movies, music and arts areas are being managed by specially skilled and galactic trained personnel who use advanced methods to discern low frequencies image and sound.

There are no more violence and aggression filled movies, video games, music and video clips on our planet.
They have been replaced by spiritually healing and enhancing arts and games.
Virtual worlds are now being replaced by REAL living and EXPERIENCING.
People socialize, sing, laugh and dance all the time.

ALL life forms: plants, animals and humans live in perfect harmony and are able to communicate telepathically.

HUMANS start to use more and more TELEPATHY as communicating means.
We can now see more and more frequently OUR ELECTROMAGNETIC FIELDS (AURAS) so that we are becoming more and more open books to each other, anticipating, seeing and feeling each others’ thoughts, intents, desires, and feelings before they manifest into action.

 The need to lie, steal, harm hide and cheat has been transmuted through TRUTH, ABUNDANCE, LOVE, OPENNESS and SINCERITY.
The Joie de vivre, the JOY of LIVING… has been receiving and transmitting NEW MEANING, wave after wave into our collective consciousness.
The not so distant known planetary history feels more and more light years distant from where we were 10 years ago, to where we are now and where we continue to go.
Most wounds have been healed and most past traumas have been transmuted by the omnipresence of LOVE LIGHT DIVINE.
ALL karmic debts have been paid and continue to until we will all heal, forgive ourselves and each other. ELEMENTALS, HUMAN, ANIMALS, TREES, PLANTS and every other life form in between.

Only lessons are remaining.
For ALL living beings on our planet.
We are eternally grateful for all of our experiences and for existence.
To energetically pay back for all these incredible gifts, we offer our knowledge, love and experiences gained wisdom to other worlds in need. We are becoming galactic teachers and guides but are forever remaining UNIVERSAL STUDENTS of the biggest miracle ever created called LIFE.

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