Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Message from 2013

Message from 2013

Brought forth by Richart Llover
The HEART CHAKRA painter and TOUCHED BY ART spiritual movement co-creator

At long last we decided that it was self-destructive by calling ourselves English, Dutch, American or Chinese or whatever nationality. We realized pretty quickly that this gave people with big egos and lots of money, more opportunities to go power crazy and forget the people they were supposed to be looking after. So now that we got rid of the old system, we now just call ourselves Human, we come from planet Earth, we speak the language of love.

We finally started to understand in 2012 how the monetary system was not adding any value to our lives any more. And as it was a leap year, we took a leap of faith and trusted beyond all doubt in a resource based economy.

It didn't take long for us to shift over to the new system, and all the doom and gloom scenarios predicted by the governments, press and other controlling powers didn't materialize because so many people just wanted world peace.

There was such an amazing feeling of togetherness, comrades all supporting and helping each other rebuild our dear beloved home on planet Earth.

Today me and my beloved just got back from Thailand and soon we are off to Brazil. It's so easy to get around because there are no borders or pass port controls and all the transportation is free and super fast! And because it is automated and sustainable, it's available whenever you require it.

Once we as humanity, all agreed to having new cities and homes built from high technology, sustainable materials and amazing designs with free energy technology that meant every home is self-sufficient and self-supporting .... well then ... life as we knew it totally transformed. And because we are no longer ruled by fear, lack and debt we are able to live like trillionaires ... all of us! Yes, I can sit at home and from the laptop design and order clothing that is totally unique for me. It is then created by programmed machines and is the highest quality and material that lasts for a life time. And it's free!

Because we are no longer living in slavery, I mean having to work everyday, we are free to explore and discover far greater aspects of our personalities and lives and to evolve as a human race. And because we are all living like trillionaires, there is no crime, famine or poverty because we can simply create whatever we wish for, so people quickly got far more interested in learning how to empower themselves and support each other. Yes of course there were some lazy people at first, but once they saw what their friends could manifest, they very quickly started to transform their behavior because they wanted to be part of this amazing experience!

Our days are spent on fulfilling our lives with our dreams and ambitions. I invest my valuable energy into many different activities varying from inner healing treatments for my soul and spirit, to sporting activities with friends, attending universities to keep up-to-date with all the latest discoveries and knowledge (all my life), I can invest far more energy into my family, have great parties to celebrate life with my friends and of course I can give more energy into my relationship which is very important to keep the love flowing and our connection with Mother Earth.

I also invest energy into my passions where I have special gifts and talents. I get involved with projects that have a big impact on humanity as a whole, I understand that I am part of the puzzle and my gifts matter. But the beauty of it is that I decide when to invest my energy on the projects, it's all about when I feel the creative juices flowing, when I feel inspired, I can just go to my terminal and start investing my powerful energy into one of the millions of projects.

This is all possible because we are no longer ruled by time. We understand and are aware that everything is co-creating perfectly and we are part of the plant as a whole being. Therefore, without a calendar to guide us, we simply navigate our way through the day using our intuition and feelings. This guides us from everything we do, from what we eat to who we share our energy with.

All in all, life is stress free now. There are no worries, doubts and fears that cannot be easily transformed. It's as if we can instantly find solutions to all our problems as soon as we open our hearts and start sharing. And in this new world, we have cleverly mixed the new with the old, science with spirituality so we learn and continue evolving. Just like now we understand how important food is for feeding our souls and having a healthier life. So all mass produced food ended and that brought the end to mass farming. With this, respect and love was re-introduced to the animal and natural kingdoms and humanity was able to be in balance with the planet once again. Part of our education program is to learn about our planet and learn about our bodies, and how we can optimally feed ourselves to live longer and healthier without disturbing the eco-system of mother earth.

Technology now supports our lives and frees us up to do all the things we love doing. And because we chose for a resource based economy, well ... resources on Earth are limitless!!! But we do understand our responsibility now as Guardians of Planet Earth and therefore we take great care and love in managing all her resources.

As Guardians, we quickly remembered that we do not own anything, rather we are here to love, nurture and protect whatever we possess until we hand it on to the next person. This can be from our homes to our transport, or from our planet to our solar system.

One of the greatest wonders about living in this reality is that all is possible once we can share our dream with other people. We can then co-create any reality that supports the resource based economy, it's all up to our unlimited creativity and imagination. Yes everything is literary possible these days. We even recently found new ways of living on Venus and Jupiter. They say that one day, every human might have their own planet to inhabit and thrive on.

Sometimes I sit under the apple tree with my beloved, holding her hand and think back to how the world was! Gosh what a nightmare it was back then! I am so thankful that we all managed to wake-up just in time and make the big shift. I remember back then people thinking it would be impossible. I kept on saying "It's a leap year, let's have some faith! let's leap into the unknown!!! Let's make this happen!"

Thank God people listened.

Thank God people became pro-active.

Thank God people where finally able to see the beautiful future we live in now :) (((((♥))))
Richart Llover

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