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last night's dream or astral travel

Last night's "dream" or astral travel

Last night I was in a very interesting astral place...

It was RIGHT AFTER the illuminati fall from their power
Me and Bogdan were lead to an underground base where many thousands of Iranian people were hidden from a potential war on the planet's surface that never materialized

The Iranian people were living normal lives, just like they were, when they were living on the surface…
Loud busy markets, women baking breads, babies crying, etc

As we walked among them observing in fascination the normality of their underground lives,
We’ve been informed (by our guide) that since there was no more threat on the planet, they were to return to their lives ON the surface...

Within moments, SNAP noises started to be heard and people disappearing faster than you could understand what is taking place

As we've looked around us, we could see people being PULLED BACKWARDS through a time space warp like vortex, really fast and disappearing
We then understood HOW they were being transported BACK to the surface

As the underground base has become empty of people, we were lead to an area which we've been told BELONGED to the elite

We’ve entered and walked among a few chambers
Their furniture, vintage objects collection displays in glass and wood old fashion European type furniture were available for us to explore as all locks were unlocked and all doors were open

The furniture was old fashion, robust, royal type with lots of velvet for tapestry

We’ve seen very old historical fashion wear such as Roman emperor ROBES and Bogdan tried one on

we've seen and touched very old massive royal jewelries made of gold and huge precious stones of many kinds and I've tried one very heavy necklace on, that I’ve sensed belonged once upon a time to a royal figure (name unknown)

We’ve seen an area where vintage, "nostalgic" war paraphernalia items were displayed such as friendly intimate "family" pictures between the elite and some known nazi "personalities" along with war military UNIFORMS
There was a very nostalgic energy around those particular items, as if those who had collected them were TRULY EMOTIONALLY nostalgic about it, being "very close" to their hearts...

we've walked some more watching in sheer fascination all those things and being amazed that we have the freedom to do it while we also felt very natural and entitled to do so, as if we were on a mission of rediscoveries of some sort...understanding some of our untold history from THE INSIDE, right through the intimate space of those who have ruled our world up to that point

At some point, we understood that this is a secret space and we were not to allow anyone else to enter it for awhile
And when someone knocked at one of the huge heavy doors, we were reluctant to LET THEM IN until we've been told and assured that THESE 2 MEN WERE SOME OF US and that they only needed to get IN BRIEFLY to grab an important document or something
After which they have left... 

We’ve also seen in a space small vintage collectible items such as 3 packs of vintage cigarettes, all 3 open and half or so empty...
as  EX-smokers, both me and Bogdan took one cigarette, lit it and tried it:) being very strong we've put it off right away...even if it had a nice perfume like fragrance to it:)

The next scene was even more fascinating...we were on a huge terrace, very long and all around a palace
In the terrace, there were some people laughing and talking
We’ve watched those people and there were some young girls dressed in white laced long bulky dresses with a fashion style around the year 1600 (give or take, based on historical movies scenes)
The girls were on some large outdoor lounges and were very close to each other, like family, like sisters and cousins, giggling and having a good time...

We were surprised to see SOMEONE LIVING in the space where a few moments ago we've walked uninterrupted, as if was abandoned...

As we were observing the surroundings AROUND the GIRLS SCENE, we telepathically understood that this was a scene from the AKASHIC RECORDS around that place and what we were observing was a glimpse into the REAL LIFE PAST recorded in the akashic records, from the elite family whose headquarters were NOW EMPTY

The hundreds of years old scene with the young girls continued and IN FRONT of the terrace we've seen a huge natural pond with lots of water vegetation and many many beautiful geese and ducks playing in that gorgeous, heaven like natural environment
Close to them and with his legs into the water, there was a gardener, a care taker of the grounds who was cleaning the pond...

As this scene faded away, we were lead to the ACTUAL and ORIGINAL SCOPE of our mission back into the underground base
We’ve reached a room where a READY TO BE LAUNCHED spaceship was stationed, WAITING FOR US to GET IN and travel to some place in the far reaching OUTER SPACE...
There was no sense of fear but only a huge sense of anticipation and positive feelings...

A female friend with short hair that felt and seemed very familiar to both myself and Bogdan, walked us to the BOARD of the ship and briefed us in a few important things to know before we were to take off

She was explaining to us that we absolutely MUST remain, as we take of and travel throughout space, to the destination AND BACK, in a KNOWING state that we have PHYSICAL BODIES and that our original DEPARTURE place was a PHYSICAL 3dimensional planet

She had explained that this was of utmost importance OR ELSE as we've traveled, WE'D AGE VERY QUICKLY...
The FIRM ANCHORED AWARENESS MEMORY of our PHYSICALITY was very important to RETURN with the SAME AGE as we have departed:)

And so we've focused on that for awhile, to ground the thought feeling one last time and OFF we went
From that moment, my "dream" astral memory is completely erased...
I have no clue about the actual travel time or destination and returning experience

the next thing I fully remember was, WE WERE WALKING ON PLANET EARTH AGAIN, me and Bogdan, on some noisy streets with noisy cars and children riding their bikes with everything back to "normal"

we've watched one another and SEEMED YOUNGER...our faces were rejuvenated and our energies were very healed...we were ecstatic about the experiences we've JUST HAD and didn't even talk much about it in words only telepathically expressing our huge secret joy with huge smiles in our eyes and on our faces:)

all this while, the person, the presence, the voice that was leading us through this experience belonged to a GUIDE whom most times was not physically visible...we were well aware that this was a guided trip but we've also felt that we were just 2 PHYSICAL bodies and the 3rd one (our guide) was not really THERE in person for most of the experience...

However, when we were BOARDING on the spaceship (which we could only see around its CONTROL BOARD and not much else), the GUIDE appeared in person and it was a fairly young woman with short hair, very familiar yet somewhat new to us...

around this huge experience I've had another shorter scenes, APART from the previous one, among which, I was walking, or rather I WAS BEING WALKED:) by our beloved FAMILY SHIZ-TZU dog who passed in 2008) who was powerfully pulling the leash I was holding on, up the hill somewhere nice where he was anxious to get to...

As I woke up, I felt immensely grateful for this experience and wanted so badly to remember as many details as possible
I shared it with Bogdan and he was also fascinated by it...

As I was telling him about our female guide with short hair, I find myself uttering to him: MAYBE it was ME
guiding US

note: 2 weeks ago, after more than 15 years with average length hair, I've decided to cut it REAL SHORT
and so, having my hair (in 3D life) cut very short after 15+, it made a psychological impression on me recently, feeling really good about it as if some energetic weight being lifted off my head:) 

So, PERHAPS, the short haired female guide, familiar yet someone new, was ANOTHER  ME and the ME that I was MOST recently familiar with, alongside Bogdan were being GUIDED by some parallel dimension myself:)

As I told Bogdan "maybe it was me", he finished off this sentence by saying and smiling "it's funny because I just wanted to say this or maybe you've picked up my message telepathically" 

So, with both of us tapping into this POSSIBILITY, it didn't feel weird or unusual that this could have been possible:)

And so, I wanted to preserve this most incredible experience in writing and share it with some of us, hoping that soon enough we will partake in such experiences in ever increased frequencies:)

Few hours later, it feels almost as alive and wondrous :)

it all TIES IN with the blog and info I'm putting out and update frequently

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