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Smoking Teeth = Poison Gas
IT IS VERY VERY SAD THAT WE HAVE TO LEARN ABOUT SUCH DANGERS FOR HUMAN HEALTH AT THE EXPENSE OF ANIMAL LIVES AND WELLBEING! May the souls of all suffering animals be healed from traumatic lives on Earth. May human kind be awaken and transformed to its original, natural KIND state.

The Dangers of Dental Amalgam (Mercury poisoning, Silver fillings)

1990 60 Minutes Excerpt on Mercury Amalgam Dental Fillings 1/3

Part 1 of 3 - Mercury Amalgam Fillings Dangers (ITV, Feb 16, 2009)

Mercury Amalgam Fillings: The No. 1 Brain Cell Killer

Visit a Holistic Dentist To Remove Mercury Amalgam Fillings

Holistic Dentistry - Mercury Removal Alert

Heavy Metal Toxicity: Signs and Symptoms That You May be Toxic Part 1


How To Eliminate Heavy Metals and Mercury - Virtual Healer 9

Mercury - How to Get this Lethal Poison Out of Your Body

Detoxify Your Body with Apple Cider Vinegar – Detoxification

How To Remove Heavy Metals From Your Body Part 1

Removing Toxic Metals from Our Bodies! - Part 1

MalibuBright -- Professional Teeth Whitening without Bleach or Pain

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